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    "God always has something for you."

    "God always has something for you. A Key for every problem. A light for every shadow. A relief for every sorrow and a plan for every tomorrow." This is a note handed over by a relieved ten-year-old boy to Supreme Court Justice Kurian Joseph after a divorce case between his parents was settled amicably. The pair fought bitterly for divorce after they separated in 2011. They filed many cases against each other. Finally, they agreed to withdraw all the cases against each other and separate in an amicable manner. The boy and his sister are divided between the parents.The wife and husband may have many problems and fight with each other but they never realise the impact it will have on the children. This note by the ten-year-old boy amply demonstrates the relief the children feel when their parents settle their problems peacefully without creating an unhappy atmosphere in the family. The Justice Kurian included the note in his judgment by noting that the note is "the rich encomium paid to the court". Parents, always think about the impact on the children when there is no atmosphere of love and care in the family.
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    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Really moved by the note given by the little boy. How much mature he has become by appending the above which even opens up every ones mind.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Marital dispute and divorce always develop a deep pain, anger and many other emotions among the children of the couples. Some children become mature and some other develop undesirable character traits. This boy has become philosophical due to this scar (prolonged legal battle between husband and wife).
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    Encomium means euologing or praising someone or something very highly.

    There were total 23 court cases between the couple (parents of master Vibhul) pending in various courts. The Court quashed seven cases, dismissed six others and disposed of seven cases in view of the agreed terms between them. The court also dissolved the marriage without making them to wait for the six months, the statutory cool-off period,

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    Sadly emotional but the good part is that the time changes so this will also get released in the coming times with understanding among parents.

    What's written is also inspiration to many others.

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    It is a real pain for the children to see their parents quarrelling each other. The note given by the small kid is having a deep understanding. We can understand how deeply he was frustrated with the actions of his parents and he thanked the God for bringing a sense in the parents to an understanding of separating peacefully. Really this letter will move all the human beings. The parents out of their desires deliver the children and they never ask these children before they deliver them. So it is a moral binding on them to see the welfare of the children. The parents should understand that they should live together for the sake of their children at least. But many people will never understand this fact. They give more important for their emotions and feelings rather than the fate of their children. The agony and the grief the children will have in case of their parent's separation can't be expressed so easily. So all parents should feel that they should live together at least for the sake of their children.
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    I don't think that the reason for our parents to stay together should only be 'us', the children, ever.
    It is because, there would then always be that atmosphere of unsaid tension, and in some cases, open disputes, which are sure to make children suffer mentally. It is better to try to resolve problems and if that is not possible, separating is the right thing to do. And that too, amicably.
    Also, in India, most women, and also to a small number, men, restrain themselves from considering divorce from their spouses because they have children to look after. In case of women especially, having this kind of mindset might prove disastrous, because they are then willing to suffer every kind of torment, which is not usual in case of men. Seeing this itself affects their children mentally, because then they feel guilty for something for which should not be. It is very important for mental health of the children that their parents live together amicably, and if not possible, they separate amicably.

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    I admire the mature mind and thoughts of this 10-year-old. This should be read by every couple who consider divorce after a few arguments or serious difference of opinions.

    I personally feel that children become the casualties or collateral damage in most divorces. In this case what a harsh reality for the brother and sister, each one has to live with each parent.

    Couples who lose focus or go through troubled times seriously lack professional help or are not willing to agree that they have differences. I think this is a major problem in India, the Government and society need to make marriage and family counseling more accessible and remove the taboos.

    If a couple does reach a point of no return, they need to at least think of their children. Put aside their differences for a period wherein the child is at least able to understand. Imagine a 4-year-old young mind having to battle the trauma of separation living with mother and see his/her father once a week or a month. As parents, this is one of the worst forms of prolonged torture we can inflict on our own child/children.

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