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    No one is better than "yourself"

    When we are down, sad and having challenging times in life, we look at some one who would share our trying time. For some there are good number of people around them to be in good and bad time. For many they have to go through the ordeal on their own. So we must console ourselves that there is no better person than us because we ourselves wont hurt, never lie or never cry for no reason. Therefore next time never expect that someone, somewhere, sometime would help you, instead depend on your own talent and trust.
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    Despite the fact that the humans are a social animal, it is important for the individuals to be self-dependent. Only a self-dependent person can lead a life of dignity. The hard fact is that even the own children of the persons may not be able to provide the kind of help and support which is desirable. On the other hand a self-dependent person can manage most of the things on his/her own except in the condition of being in abject infirmity or ailments.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes, I agree with the author, it is that the God helps them, who helps themselves. So You are better than others. Every person has some talent and remembers that you are the unique creation of the God. God has not made any other person like you. So believe in yourselves. The talent which you have will not be found in other. I always try to motivate my student that whenever you go to the stage to deliver a speech always remember that you are the superior to other and hence you are on the stage and others are waiting to hear you.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    We shouldn't be negative as we all have gone through the times that some unknown faces have come up when we actually needed them the most.

    Lets take an example. We saw one accident happened just in front of us & noticed that arrangements done & the person is hospitalized. But in the whole picture there were no relatives of the victim but still that happened. We need to observe this actions of the nature that our mind not even capable of measuring or analyze. What I need to make the emphasis on is to do help to others whenever & whet ever possible as we could be those unknown faces that may result in solving the complications of others life.

    As a grown-up we have closely observed that this world is not that good but still we got many who although we don't about but still brings us a smile.

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    Self-help is the best help. When you are in a deep trouble expecting somebody will come and guide you out of trouble is not correct. You should try and sort out the problem in the best known possible way. But at the same time, we should not be of the opinion that we don't require anybody's help. I have seen some people who withstand a lot of suffering without expressing their suffering to anyone. They feel that the other people may pity them. Some people exaggerate their problems so that they will have the sympathy of others. But both are not correct. In case of any problem try to solve it on your own and in that process if you feel that you require some help from a person don't hesitate to ask him. This is the best way. In Gajendra Moksham the elephant tried its best to get out of the crocodile but when it loses its confidence asked for the help of Lord Vishnu. on hearing its request Lord Visnu came and saved the elephant. We all know unless otherwise, you express even mother also don't understand your hunger.
    always confident

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    Life's challenges knock our doors without any forewarning. At such testing times, we have our family and friends to support us. But what is important is self-confidence and self-belief that we will face the situation and come out of it successfully.

    Once we believe that yes we can, then we start taking steps to tackle the difficulties of life. There would be times when we would feel overwhelmed by hopelessness, here the people who believe in themselves will fare better.

    When we see our Indian sportsmen and women winning against odds, against a superior team, it is this self-belief that enables them to use their talents and win matches.

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