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    Do you agree that answers be in detail even for silly questions, or should be silly answers ?

    It is the human attitude to behave like the others do with them. If some one asks the silly question, we also tend to respond with silly answers. But there are also possibilities to give detailed answers for the silly questions and that also depend on the persons who was posed with question. We can get detailed answers even for silly question when the question is posed to the professionals of same cadre. If we ask questions to politician on religious matters, they tend to give varied and unwanted answers. So what do you say, should the answers be in detail for silly questions or the answers be silly for silly questions.
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    On first reading of the title of the thread, I thought that the author is talking about questions raised in this forum as all types are questions are raised in this forum also. However, on reading the post fully, it became clear that the thread is not specific to the questions raised in this forum.

    It depends on the circumstances and the individuals concerned as to whether to reply the silly questions also in detail or not. However, it is always better to ignore silly questions and do not waste time and efforts in replying the same in detail.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It's a matter of interest.

    For example, for a certain subjects we are quiet interested & have a lot to say then in that case we can write a lot that even we have examples too.

    In a different scenario, the topic that you have found to be lack of interest then this get ignored & we chose to go to another one. So in summary, the one topic that may have interest of someone but possibly not of others. It's like a TV channel that if found entertaining or useful then we would to watch or simply would like to change. Adding a bit more then we are grown up now & our taste would certainly differ with the taste with that of a child. In the same way, few got interest in politics but other wants to listen to spiritual lectures.

    But if we are there then our opinion matter most so be happy that its a democracy.

    Ending with that I have submitted my views here but many more would find this obsoleted. Who cares as I had the interest & time so I have replied & might be given a 5 points or else would have ignored.

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    Irrespective of the nature of the question, the subject of the question is very important. Different people will have interest in different subjects. So basing on their interest in the subject the replier will give the reply. If the question is from the subject oF concern I will try to give a detailed reply. If the question is from a subject which I am not very familiar I may try to answer as brief as possible.
    My opinion on the silly question is the silly question should be answered in the same fashion. That will be the best strategy. But some people will be very [olite and they will be sincere the core. Those people will take all the question in the same way and try to answer the question very promptly. This depends on the attitude of the person who is replying the question. There is no general rule for this.

    always confident

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    It depends on the maturity of the person asking and replying and also the context/circumstances.It would be tempting to give back an equally silly reply to a silly question but we need to think of the person asking it also.

    For instance, I pass by a railway station often, here people will ask where's nearest bus stand? when it'll be seen easily, for me it sounds silly but for a newcomer, it's valid because his eyes don't see what his mind doesn't know.

    On the other hand, if we observe celebrities or politicians interviews, some questions will be silly, can you confirm that you had a secret marriage? do you support violence because your movie is full of violent scenes etc?. It's silly but some celebrities will evade or give an explanation. Few would throw a counter question and move on.
    If someone is repeatedly targetting us with silly questions, we can give silly replies as this would discourage them in the future.

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