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    What is your first reaction when you see a doctor smoking?

    It is now a part of general knowledge that smoking affects the health of individuals adversely. It affects respiratory system, cardiovascular system, central nervous system, digestive system and even reproductive system.

    Since the doctors study and practice the medical science, they obviously know better about the adverse effects of the smoking compared to the common man. In the given context, are they supposed to smoke themselves?

    However, few people are of the opinion that since doctors are also human beings, why they should be isolated and their smoking should be particularly frowned upon.

    What is your first reaction when you see a doctor smoking?
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    If a doctor is found with smoking, then he is unfit to continue the profession as he was not serious to the studies and takes the life easily. If he can take the life of his own so uncaring then how come he ensure the lives of the patients he is going to attend. A doctor is supposed to be clean, behave with sensibility and be a bench mark for the other professionals to ape his ideas and acts. But if a doctor smokes , then the whole meaning of him calling a doctor is lost. By the way how can a doctor daringly smoke in the full glare of public. I am totally against this and the Medical council should snatch his degree.
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    This is not a natural phenomena so why someone do so.

    As I have observed, because of heavy workload during our job or the chemistry that the life has produced to us we try to involve ourselves to somewhere where these can be lost at least for time & because of this we begin to involve in a certain activity. Smoking is one of the habit that supposed to have this assumption. But in real life this doesn't happen as the situation still persists.

    Adding, if we are bound to these then we are week within ourselves that we not even able to face the reality of life or how to handle the pressure.

    We can give an example here that we often needs water to pacify our excitement or when we don't know about how to pass the time or when we don't have the proper answer. These are psychological only as & although we are not thirsty but still need water.

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    Smoking is injurious to health and this is a fact known to all. But many people will not stop smoking because it acts on them as a mind freshener. So they can't quit that completely. I know some doctors who are very good in treating patients and who smokes occasionally. They get tired fully in talking to the patients and answering their doubts. They will have to answer many irrelevant questions that are being asked by the relatives of the patients. So they will get very much tired and to become fresh they will have a smoke. But one good thing about them is they never smoke in front of the patients and their relatives.
    But doctors are very much aware of the ill effects of this smoking and they will restrain from that to the maximum extent possible. If you ask this question to a doctor what the reply you get from him is doctors are also human beings.

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    My first impressions, the doctor who is smoking know the risks and would be smoking out of habit or to overcome the stress of the profession and life like any other human around us. Only thing is he/she should not advise others to stop smoking.

    We are still shackled by the traditional mold we have given to certain professions. I personally feel we should move away from such stereotyping. A baba is a holy man, a doctor should be there 24/7, the police should solve every crime etc. We think and speak as if doctors are the only people responsible for the lives of people under their care.

    What about the firm constructing a faulty bridge that collapses and lives are lost? What about the municipal corporations for not providing adequate water drainage facilities that result in huge numbers of lives being lost? What about the businessmen who adulterated milk, alcohol, medicines etc that results in suffering and death?

    What about the politicians and officials who award tenders to people to build hospitals, care homes, food distribution centers etc knowing full well that the only criteria were that they could pay bribes to the officials. Every year we hear about children dying of lack of oxygen cylinders in the hospitals because of official apathy and money not being paid for the suppliers.

    If we remove such stereotyping of a person to a professional then we would understand and jdege them better.

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    It is like asking what is our first reaction when we see a dentist himself lacking healthy teeth, or what is our first reaction when we see a fat person himself advising various kinds of exercises and dieting patterns. Or, when we see a non-dancer judging and advising a professional dancer.
    To be sure, stereotyping is not good but it is also important that the person himself realizes the effect of his doings, on himself as well as on others. Because his activities are certainly to make him less credible in other people's eyes.
    However, anyone can give good advices without himself following it.

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    I fully agree with Mr. Natarjan. A doctor smokes after knowing the bad effects of smoking. However, I think some doctors (not all) smoke and take tea during their long and arduous working hours to get rejuvenated to some extent. By the ay, I am not supporting or justifying smoking.
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    I don't find anything to react on this issue. Smoking is a habit and it should be looked at that way. May be doctor too need some relaxation, so they smoke.

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    A woman approaching an elderly person with her 5 year old son for advising the boy to stop consuming sweets. Heard everything the elderly person asked to bring her son back after a week. Next week she came with her son and the elderly person patiently explained the over consumption of sweet and asked him to stop consuming sweets. The boy nodded his head. The lady asked the man why he took one week time for this advise. The man replied,'I was also eating more sweets then and so I was not fit enough to advise others. I stopped my consumption of sweets during this week.'
    Likewise if we find a doctor smoking or consuming alcohol , he/she is just unfit to advise others and we should avoid such of them.

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    First of all, this kind of questions does sound somewhat ridiculous because if we are to ask questions in this genre there can be so many including the ones that have been put forward by Jagriti in her response above. Will a patient stop going to his Cardiologist just because he himself has become a heart-patient? I agree with Natarajan that we need to move away from such stereotyping.

    I don't see anything wrong if a doctor smokes. He is also a human being, though he may be more aware of the ill-effects of smoking. I don't think a non-smoker will be encouraged to start smoking or that a smoker will increase the number of sticks he smokes just by seeing a doctor smoking. I think it is fine if a doctor smokes as long as he refrains from smoking in front of a patient whom he has advised to stop smoking.

    I am in no way supporting smoking and do agree that it is injurious to health. But if somebody wants to have a smoke, I think we should not interfere unless he is doing so in a public space.

    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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