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    Do bargaining in shopping really benefits the buyers?

    Bargaining in shopping is a common practice with most of Indians particularly those belonging to middle class and lower middle class persons. There are many markets in almost all cities which are famous for bargaining. Bargaining while shopping fruits, vegetables and almost everything has become a routine practice.

    Normally, the people are so obsessed with bargaining during shopping that they look for discounts and offers even in high end shops and malls. Many online portals also attract buyers by launching several types of schemes. I remember having read that few online portals also offer bargaining facility or system.

    However, I personally don't believe in bargaining as I presume that the sellers will never sell their products by incurring loss on their part.

    Do bargaining in shopping really benefits the buyers?
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    If we understand by bargaining then we quote the price that we find is appropriate on context of the price quoted by the seller.

    So, if you do feel that bargaining not required then continue with your purchasing or do some market research before doing any transaction. In this cut throat competition, we see the schemes everywhere that even the biggest brand in the market offers something in order to attract the customer. For one brand the offer could be, buy one get one. But on the contrary the other brands may offer as, buy two get three. So in both the above transaction the benefit would be different & this benefit lead us to make choices among many.

    So, when you choose something in place of others then you are probably have involved yourselves into bargaining that in a simple way we might not be aware of.

    For me, we must not bargain from someone who is financially less capable or week rather then we should take care of our money wherein we opt for some bigger brands.

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    I feel bargaining is a very usual practice these days almost in all markets. The sellers also know that the buyers are not going to purchase at the rate they declare initially. So they will also declare the price adding that margin. In my colony some lady vendors they come to each house with a basket full of fruits on their head. My wife will generally purchase from one lady. She declares the double rate to the intended rate. what she wanted to sell. My wife will ask for 40% of the rate she declared. Finally, they will settle at 50%. By seeing all these negotiations I asked that why can't you tell the exact rate. She replied that if I say the exact rate also the ladies will ask for half of that. Then I can't complete this quantity fully today but if they ask and finally agree for the price they will have the satisfaction of bargaining. This will tell us whether we will get benefitted by bargaining or not.
    Nobody will do business for a loss. At the same time, they want the turnover. That is why the vendors will fix high rate and reduce when we bargain. If somebody is not negotiating that will be an additional profit for the vendor.

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    In today's society, the practice of bargaining in the shops is very common. Many of the customers will try to bargain as much as possible. The shopkeepers also know this fact and take all the precautions either by increasing the rates beforehand or not giving discount more than a certain limit.

    A smart buyer will go to many shops in the city and find out what is the minimum rate going on. After that, he will go to a particular shop and try to negotiate for the best price. In this way, he will be successful in buying the item at the lowest price.

    With this method of bargaining, there are ample chances for paying the minimum amount for the purchase. Those who do not shop so meticulously would pay the higher sum of money.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I really laugh at those who claim that they saved on bargaining and shopping at so called big malls and even on line. It is the fact that business thrives on profits and one sells a product on discounts without having a gain in profit. I am also fail to understand the logic behind offering 40 to 60 percent discount on textiles and readymades , that means either too they were charging that much extra. A discount is offered to a product, if its colour was faded, or nearing the deadline of expiry date or there is something wrong with the design and size. In that case only the products are given the discount. The other day I had been to a big saree selling chain store who were offering saris by Kgs concept. Two or three saris by kgs comes to 1000 rupees. When we take such kind of saris individually too it costs between 300 to 350. So what the discount offered is nil.
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    Bargaining is one of the thrills of shopping because the buyer comes away with the thought that yes, I have got a good deal and have beaten the seller. But this is often not true. No one makes a loss because MRP and the price displayed would have built in all the margins (60% -80% discount etc) or the product would be old or have minor defects.

    If we have time and are sensible, then we can get a good product at a better price by bargaining. It needs a little research, patience, and practice to be benefitted. Having a good idea of the product, its average price in the market, the ease of availability will all help us to drive a good bargain.

    Some months back, I read a couple of good articles about the dynamics of the buyer, seller, and the bargain.
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