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    Will petrol/diesel powered vehicles totally vanish one day in future?

    We all know that the natural reserves of petroleum products is depleting at very fast rate. Not only that the use of petroleum product as a fuel for motor vehicles is causing pollution also. In view of the above efforts are being made consistently since long to find alternate sources of energy. As a result of such exercises, electricity power motor cars have been developed and are being used also in developed countries. The electric cars are quieter and have no tailpipe emissions also compared to the cars with internal combustion (IC) engines.

    It is said that in future, the petrol/diesel powered vehicles totally vanish.

    What are your observations in this regard?
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    Yes, I agree with the author and it is the requirement of future. All the vehicle which consume petrol or diesel will vanish in future. We are using natural resources especially petroleum in such an unplanned manner that after some time they will be exhausted and we will not get them to use. The electric or hybrid vehicles are the necessity of future.
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    They, though not being very efficient, were easy and useful fuels. Departing with them is both sad and hard.
    Solid fuels extinguish easily, ex: calcium carbide.
    Gaseous fuels are very hard to transport and complicated to use. They would need a different type of pumping system and stations.,ex: hydrogen.
    Liquid fuels are the best for automobiles.

    Well renewable fuels are the best fuels at all regards but are not readily available.
    Sounds like irony. Nature isn't consistent.
    So are renewable fuels which depend on nature.
    Solar cars are highly inefficient. Compressed air cars would need to develop more.
    Electric cars aren't very efficient either.

    As of now, no strong contender has appeared to rival our Gasoline.

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    The future is for electrically driven vehicles only. It is a fact. But when and how soon is the question? The earth is getting polluted more and more day by day. The human being should think how to maintain this ecosystem with the evil acts of these man-created pollution problems. So we should all think of renewable energy systems for our use. But it is not that easy to completely replace all the automobiles with electrically driven vehicles. But definitely, it is a positive step towards that goal. Lithium Ion batteries are the requirement for these cars.A lot of work is going on that aspect. But in my opinion, 100% replacement is not possible in the near future, Until such time how to sustain this earth free from pollution is in the hands of the human being. Everyone should know the importance of the trees and grow as many as trees possible to maintain the equilibrium on the earth, Lean natural Gas is a solution for reducing the environmental pollution effect and we should slowly think that majority of vehicles will use this CNG.
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    First of all the so called saving of money from the diesel driven vehicles concept has totally vanished , thanks to the daily revising of prices by oil companies. As far as I know the difference between the diesel and petrol rate is hardly 8 to 10 rupees to which the present buyers wont go for diesel versions. Gone are the days when the diesel price was half to the petrol rates. Coming to the new technology of electric vehicle, there seems to be good number of overseas manufacturers penetrating into Indian market with varied versions and ensuring after sales service. What is my fear that if electric vehicles are chosen, there must be dedicated service back up and the mechanics must be available on all the highways. If that can be ensured , then the role of petrol and diesel vehicles would be reduced and in fact vanished.
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    The petrol/diesel powered vehicles exists because of the availability of fuel. If these fuel wouldn't be existing in the future or will found to be costlier then competition within will force to go for the other alternatives available. The technology is again a matter of concern.

    The hybrid technology uses both fuels & is economical but is also costly. The vehicle based on battery power is also now on the Indian streets. On the other hand, this would be a proud moment for India that as an alternative the India has become the first country to use solar power to run the trains. Although not completely but in a major portion this will save a huge power in the coming times.

    Pollution is also a setback for the vehicle that runs on petrol or diesel. The diesel run vehicle results in more pollution then the petrol run vehicle. Recently the Supreme Court Of India in its decision has stopped further registration of diesel vehicles in Delhi.

    So because of the above & few other reasons the innovations for newer options are on top projects for major auto companies & will soon be implementing on faster pace in India.

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    Change is the norm of life, the present becomes past and the future becomes present as time goes by.If we apply this, then yes, one day the petrol/diesel vehicle will become outdated and later vanish. The process would be a slow, gradual transition.

    We all used floppy disks to store our files, technology has advanced so far in a decade that the floppy disks have become outdated and we speak of tiny pen drives and cloud storage. Telegrams were the reliable means of urgent communication but sadly in July 2013, the last few telegrams were sent before it was stopped because it became obsolete with newer options of SMS, emails and other mobile apps.

    We need to develop alternative fuel sources that are cost effective and practical to be applied at the end user level without any hassles. We need to find another energy source to power our vehicles apart from battery/electricity. Can we develop solar power or renewable biofuel?

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    It is estimated that the electric will come with an unlimited warranty and will have only 18 moving parts compared with thousands for the usual petro driven variety. The automotive lubricant companies will find that there is nothing to lubricate and the oil rich economies like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Russia etc. will go into a crisis.
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