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    Simple Ways to Develop Peace of Mind.

    Some times our life seem too complicated and overburdened. But by developing the peace of mind we can get rid of negative influences in our life. We can generate peace in our life by small changes in our behaviour. Here are some tips which helps us to develop peace of mind:

    1. Breathing and emotions are closely connected, so breathing practices will reduce the stress hormone. For this you need to sit in a comfortable place and breathe in deeply and hold the breath for a couple of seconds and then breathe out. Try to do this breathing practice for 10 minutes daily.

    2. Exercise daily for 30 to 60 minutes which boosts your energy, reduces the fatigue and improves sleep which helps to develop peace of mind.

    3. Being generous will make us happier and increases peace of mind. Do some charity or help others.

    4. Increase things like optimism, satisfaction and be grateful for what you have in your life.

    5. Try to improve your patience and ability to deal with irritation and try to see positive side in every challenge.

    6. Drawing, coloring, painting, dancing, playing music etc. are powerful sources of happiness and peace of mind. Try to express yourself artisitically.

    7. Holding onto grudges will negatively affect you, so forgive people who have hurt you.

    8. Toxic people may drain our emotions and make us feel uncomfortable. Identify these toxic relationships and try to eliminate them.
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    I appreciate the author for the suggestions made to keep cool and to have peace of mind. If you want to get the work done very fast without giving the time required you will not have peace of mind. If you have a raw fruit with you and you want it to get ripped, you have to give required time for that. if not you will never get a correct fruit. So once you plan the works as per the actual requirements you will have peace of mind. So plan as per the activity and get peace of mind.
    Sometimes we will not get the results as anticipated. One should not expect always positive results only. Then you will have peace of mind. If we know that failure is also part of the way to success. If you start thinking in that way also you will have peace of mind.
    Many people can't digest negative results that will bring unrest and will not give you peace of mind.

    always confident

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    I do appreciate the author for appending so many tips to have peace of mind, what I want to add that if we do a work with phase and complete the same within stipulated time we do get lots of satisfaction and paves way for peace of mind. Most of us are suffering from improper time management and we end up messing the work due to shortage of time. The students who have the habit of writing detailed answers even for the short questions are bound to loose marks due to time management. In the office too, when the work needs little effort time and our awareness to finish it immediately if delayed keeping it pending for obvious reasons, we are bound to get the brick bat for no fault of us. So what I mean to say that we do opt a cool approach even for challenging works, as the persons entrusted the task would know our ability and strength. Therefore live up to their expectations.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thank you DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao sir and K Mohan sir for appreciation. Yes, as you both said time management plays a major role in our lives. If we manage our time correctly and plan our work in advance, we don't get stressed easily and also we can complete our work peacefully.

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    A good set of relaxation and positive life techniques mentioned by the author. Life today is complex and many of us have to deal with difficulties that life and people impose on us. For many, stress has become part of their lives at the office, in personal life and financial commitments.

    We cannot run away from these challenges of life, so we need to adapt and enrich our mind and soul.Having a hobby or spending time in something we like(painting, music etc), control our negative emotions, getting rid of the excess emotional baggage do help us.

    It's useful to remember that we cannot be perfect and we cannot keep everyone happy because it would be impossible. If we realize this and ignore certain facts, people, and situations, it would help us.

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    Mr. Natarajan thanks for your input on my thread. Yes as you said we need to pass many difficulties and hurdles in our life. But we shouldn't allow these difficulties to stress on our mind too much, so we need to develop peace of mind. It also helps us to reach our goals easily.

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    To have a peace of mind we should stick our mind into one policy and no wavering should be there. If we firm in ourselves no need of searching for peace. We should expect some matters by mentally forecasting. Regular meditation firm in God or supreme power will help to attain peace of mind.

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    Contentment in life brings peace of mind to the individual. As you aspire for more and more, you have to struggle more and more. When you have struggle automatically you will get stressed and you will not have any peace of mind.
    If we know what are the requirements and whether we can afford them a or not, and if we limit our run after money to satisfy those needs, you will become a satisfied person and you will get peace of mind.
    Another aspect which takes away our peace of mind is greed. We always compare with the people who are living in high standards than us. We will aim to get that level and we start running after earning money for those standards. Thos attitude also will take away your peace of mind. Instead of running after money, if you are happy with what you have, you will have good sleep with a peace of mind. So the secret of peace of mind is there in contentment.

    always confident

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    Yes their will be some people who always compare their lives with others and try to be like others even if they can't afford. Those people will never get satisfied with what they have and will feel stressed always. So, we should feel satisfied and happy with what we have. But it doesn't mean that, we shouldn't dream for more. We should but to some extent knowing your strength and ability.

    And as Mr. Ramacharndran Pattabiraman sir said some people may gain peace of mind by meditating to God or visiting temples and praying god.


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    Just mind your own business & don't interfere much.

    Adding, watch out for the simple routine in your life including a good morning walk & manage the activities as per the preferences & the importance.

    Including do some yoga exercise in alone that you can hear your breadth too.

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    @Ved Prakash Anand, I agree with you, But even though we mind our own business and don't interfere on other matters, their will be some people who always interfere in our work and make us feel uncomfortable. We should learn how to avoid those kind of people to do our work peacefully.

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