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    Article review please.

    I have submitted an article on 26th of February 2018. The link to the article is given below. It is already more than 12 days I have submitted my artic;e. So far I am not lucky enough to get my article reviewed. Some articles which are submitted after 26th are already reviewed. I request the Editors to see the article. This is just a small request to the concerned Editor.


    I hope the Editors will do the needful
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    I was going to post a thread on this too. In Feb, I submitted 4 articles and none of them have been reviewed yet. Two of them were submitted on 18th of Feb, so it's been almost three weeks. I am providing the links to my articles as well.

    I request the editors to look into it.

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    The issue has been put up to the panel. Please wait for a response.
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    One of my articles dated 25th February, 2018 has not yet been reviewed. But another article written much later has been reviewed very promptly. I have already raised a post on this issue.
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    In general, I have seen that article reviews at present takes maximum up to 12-15 days. I understand that it may be due to Editor's workload and too many articles coming in. But the fact is that if you submit an article after 15th or 20th of the month then there are chances that they may miss getting cc in the same month due to approval time.

    A humble request to the editor panel to consider reducing article review timelines, if possible.

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    My two articles are also in the waiting of approval which has been submitted on 21 Feb and 4 March respectively. I request the editors to please review these articles. The link to the articles are:

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    My article was reviewed and approved. it was published today morning. I thank the editors and all concerned for the prompt action for this thread. Thank you all.
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    Apologies for the delays in reviewing articles. Due to various reasons, there have been some slow edits in various sections, including the articles section. Will also look into the issue of why later articles are being approved before earlier submitted ones, though this is likely if the articles need to be reviewed by a specific editor knowledgeable about the topic. Also, articles which are on current topics, admissions, results, exams & the like may be reviewed out of queue due to them having the potential to fetch traffic quickly while the topic is still hot.

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