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    Has any superstition ever had a like effect upon you?

    When I was a kid, I used to watch movies and hindi serials a lot. Sometimes, I also used to chance upon some newspaper headlines concerning the same thing I am going to talk about: Superstitions. These movies and serials and newspaper headlines used to depict that how issueless parents go to their places of worship and pray for a child. Also, sometimes, the help of magic users is also being sought for the same by these people and they then perform various kind of rituals, sometimes completely absurd, in order to have a child. Such things had had such an influence upon my mind that until I got in my tenth standard, I used to think that after marriage, women magically get pregnant and then have children.
    It is perhaps not correct to call these beliefs espoused by many people as 'superstitions'.
    However, has any like thing ever had such an effect upon you?
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    Many miracles will be happening which can't be explained by any scientific logic. But these are all naturals happenings which will have ppm level chances. I know a couple who struggled for children. They have gone to many doctors and all artificial methods that are being suggested by these doctors were tried. But that lady couldn't get conceived. They stopped all medication. The doctor told them that the chances of getting pregnant naturally to her are very remote and they placed positive chances at 1 ppm level. They started going to temples. After 1 year and six months, she got pregnant. This may be due to the chances of 1 ppm taking the reality. But their whole family believe that this due to the God blessings only. This is where the controversies come. However, believing and superstitions and doing some odd actions is not at all advisable. If we hear these things we will never understand how to explain these happenings.Superstitions die hard.
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    Superstitions are the creations of earlier generations when the educated people were very less. Even after attaining total literacy and popularization of scientific thoughts among most of the people this superstition exists among several people. Our media play a major role in this, especially certain cinemas and serials.
    There are another reason, which is economical. There are several people who make use of this weakness to make money. Even the centres of worship make use of these techniques to attract more people. If such and such offerings are made at a particular place of worship for so many times, success will be guaranteed. Even educated people go after such advertisements.

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    What is superstition in the first place ?

    If I believe something then can this be called the superstition so on what basis that we decide about something as superstition or not. Or is a belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge. Or any belief or practice that is irrational - i.e., it arises from ignorance, a misunderstanding of science or causality, a positive belief in fate or magic, or fear of that which is unknown.

    For example in India Number "3" is considered as unlucky but the same is without any basis. Another example, that is the Tuesday & the Saturday Is not considered to be the day to start any new business. Many think so which is again without any logic.

    What I do feel that anyone not having complete faith on the God goes the other way round in order to accomplish the job which is not scientific or logical. This can also be termed as black magic which is the tradition but also found to be in the modern society as well.

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    In olden days the superstition are one of having control over the life and not to have our life that easily. When elders decided not to do any good work or attempt any important work on Tuesday means it matters. Likewise the children are not allowed to cut their hair or shave on Tuesday and that is why holiday has been declared for the saloon on Tuesday. But modern youth wont believe all this and argue to which we cannot say anything. Just follow what the elders say. After all they are not our enemies and what ever they stipulated the rules, it is for our good only. Hence no questions asked.
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    A typical example of superstition is related to the number 13. Most of you might have noted that this number is avoided by several people in different countries. When they give numbers to the rooms in lodges/ hostels, they give '12A' after 12, instead of 13. Thus the car bearing that registration number is not accepted by many.
    When a new ministry is formed the State would allot new cars to each minister. No 1 car will be used by Chief Minister. As per seniority or certain other order the next cars will be allotted to other ministers. Some of the ministers will not accept the car with No. 13. Thus the 13 th car will remain without takers.

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    The example cited by the author of the thread i.e. her belief till she reached 10th standard that '....after marriage, women magically get pregnant and then have children. ...' is not a superstition as such. Instead, it appears to be lack of knowledge as in the traditional families of India imparting sex education to the children is frowned upon and considered a taboo.

    Due to lack of education many couples visit fake 'babas' who exploit them and sometimes even rape the woman to make her pregnant. However, nowadays it is possible for many infertile couples to have a child by using modern techniques like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), IUI, ICSI, Sperm Donation and even surrogacy etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    As a child, I've beleived in many no existent things and followed whatever supersitions the family told me. As humans we are brought up from a early age in beleiving things that have no logic or rationale explanation. As we grow up, unfounded beleifs and supersitions become a part of our life.

    Many of us would have seen animal sacrifices made during naming ceremonies, would have been scolded for sitting at the threshold of the main door. There would be many such examples of supersitions, that get passed around from family to family.

    Generally, I've noticed that at times of difficulty, when we lose cofidence, then our minds wander and we tend to pay more attention to these supersitions. A ill feeling, a storke or bad luck or a bad omen plays on our minds and we think of many non-existent things and try to follow rituals to lessen the impact of bad or ill omens.

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