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    Etiquette of Meetings at the office.

    In our professional lives, we all may be attending many important meetings related to our jobs. When somebody has to attend this meeting they should know certain things. We should not attend the meeting without any knowledge about the meeting. We should know the agenda of the meeting and we should go prepared for the meeting. When the meeting is going on we should try to understand and listen the words of others and understand the essence of the discussion. We should hear to understand but not to answer. When we have a point to make it we should make it once we get our turn. Maintaining punctuality is a very important point for these meetings. Irrespective of our cadre and seniority it is good manners to attend the meeting in time. Keeping mobile in silent and not to attend the phone calls in between the meeting is also a good point to be followed. Other members can add points further in this contest.
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    Meetings are an important part of corporates where employees sit together on a common platform, exchange their views and opinions and reach to a solution benefitting the organization and mutually acceptable to all. This referred to meetings with the external clients as well.

    Although few of the Codes of Conduct have already been point out by the author but still few more can be added as under,
    1. Be a good listener
    2. Meetings ought to be interactive and allow the participants to come up with their suggestions and valuable feedback. A question answer round must be kept at the end in order to clear their doubts.
    3. Follow a professional dress code.
    4. Keeping notepad and pen ready before meeting starts.
    5. Should follow a professional dress code.

    Lastly but not the least that minutes of the meeting or MOM needs to be prepared and circulated across all departments for them to take necessary action.

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    Interaction of two or more individuals for sharing information or reaching to an agreement with a common goal is called meeting. It may be conducted in person, through phone calls or through video conferencing. Nowadays, many meetings are conducted through skype also which may be either in audio mode or in video mode. Many companies are allowing work from home also to their employees. In such cases meetings in electronic mode play a crucial role.
    Lectures, seminars, conferences, workshops etc. are also various forms of meetings.

    As far as etiquette of meetings is concerned, most of the basic points have already been covered in the responses above. However, punctuality, prior in-depth study of the subject matter and recording of important points in writing are more important aspects of meetings. One should not raise voice while talking or try to belittle others. One should speak only when his/her turn comes and should not unnecessarily poke nose while others are talking. The other participants should be addressed respectfully and politely and at the end of the meeting the proceedings should be recorded in the form of minutes.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The author and the subsequent responses to the thread did mention some rules to be followed while attending a meeting. But some meetings are held at the last minute decision and the members are not properly informed and thus such meetings are held without quorum. That means minimum number of members not present. The secretary or the organiser must ensure that all the members are informed before the meeting, the time and the venue, otherwise there is no use of such meeting. And if one comes late and tries to garner attention, that kind of attitude should not be encouraged.
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    The author has correctly mentioned in his thread. These are the basics disciplines which one should know. However, whenever we have meetings in our company, we get a mail in which the details of the subjects of the meetings get mentioned and also the details of who are participating. So, we know for what purpose the meeting is and accordingly we get prepare for it. The time is fixed and there is no way one can excuse if he/she is late.

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    Meetings are the lifeline of a firm, be it a a husband and wife selling food or a giant multi-crore MNC. Once we understand the true reasons for the meeting and the questions for which answers are expected, then things become much easier.

    Without repeating what others have mentioned, With regards to etiquette, I would personally give more importance to the way the meeting is conducted with regards to the purpose and expected outcome.

    There is little point in coming smartly dressed, on time, having the snacks and the cup of coffee and nodding the head, staying neutral most of the times ( I've seen all this happen in high level meetings) but not contributing meaningfully.

    For me closed door meeting etiquette would involve

    No hidden agenda, No posturing
    Information and facts should be shared among all, if it can't be then don't invite the people who cannot be given information.
    Have a clear crisp agenda, preferably in the form of specific questions within the time limit.
    Have relevant facts and figures in hand so that the members can consider and give their opinions.
    Each one's contribution should be valid and not just for the reason to say something.
    At the beginning, the chair or the convenor should list out the agenda and importantly the questions for which the people in the room should have a reasonable answer so that the meeting is productive.
    Strict hierarchy negates new thoughts and ideas. Age and experience is valuable to in many meetings but mere chronological increase in number in a lethargic mind cannot contribute positively and in the true spirit of the meeting.
    Last but not the least, based on the gravity of the issues to be discussed, appropriate time and presence should be mandatory. For instance, the sales and growth plan for the next financial year, this meeting should have the relevant heavy weights and adequate time with the provision of another follow-up meeting.

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