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    Is there any use of ’seconds’ hand in all watches and clocks?

    We find that the manufacturers of watches and clocks provide 'seconds' hand in all cases though the same are generally not used in routine cases. I have never taken into active use the 'seconds' hand of my watch or clocks in the house. However, the presence of 'seconds' hand imparts a dynamic look to the clocks as it looks like moving.

    Have you ever found any use of presence of the 'seconds' hand in the watch or clock? Please share your experiences in this regard.
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    The most benefit of second hands moving i a watch dial is to know that the watch is functioning. Whether there is the second hand or not, there will be a relevant toothed wheel (gear arrangement) so that the minute hand and from minute hand the hour had move in the relationship of 60 .
    Even in digital watches too there used to be the seconds display or the pulse display for seconds. It gives an instant feeling and confidence that watch is functioning.

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    The second's hand in watches is used for many ways. First of all, it shows that the watch is really functioning and that is taken for granted regarding accuracy. Secondly, those who have the practice of jogging and brisk walking they can use the second's hand in watch to measure the distance as to how far they could able to cover best over the previous record set by themselves. Thirdly for the watch without second's hand, it looks odd and that is why some watches have different colour given to this particular hand. Now a days people are not having watches as the mobile phones are giving accurate time every time.
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    Earlier the second's needle or hand was used by people for various petty measurements like a race of 50 m or so but after the introduction of mobile timers and digital clocks that utility has been obscured by new gadgets. Today the second's hand in the analogue watches is only for showing that the clock is functioning and more or less of a traditional symbol.

    You feel that something is moving there and it is alive and gives a feeling of joy to us.

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    The second's hand in a clock or watch or any time indicator is like the pulse of the heart like clock. It helps us to know whether the clock is operational or non operational with a battery having no charge. Earlier, when the pendulum clocks were available, it had no second's hand. It could be seen and a tick tick sound can be heard. Yes. It is useful but not that useful.
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    It gives or indicates the life of the watch. One quick look and the person wearing the watch gets an instant confirmation that 'all is well' with the watch. I remember a Rado watch at home that had a tiny circle at the tip of the seconds needle which used to move elegantly.

    Even in the Casio electronic watch, the seconds was the regular beating of the (:) symbol and once you change to the actual numerical it used to run like a stopwatch from 0-60 seconds.

    Barring the look/appeal, the working, I don't think it would be every useful for regular watch users. with the stop clock and the lap timers in the mobile devices are far more accurate and easy to use for timing a run or a task etc.

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    It is true. The hand indicating the seconds between the minutes is practically not very useful. But it gives the feeling that the watch is running. If this part is missing when we see the watch we can't find out immediately about the functioning the watch.Another use of this particular hand is to know exactly the minutes and seconds when we have small works. When we want to measure how much time it exactly take for us to go to the first floor and come down, it will be useful. Similarly, when we want to know how many numbers we can count in a minute, this hand is useful. In some watches, we don't have the facility of a stopwatch. Here to count a timing required for a particular event this seconds hand will be useful. Anyhow these days many people stopped using watches as the time is visible on your mobile. So there is no necessity for someone to see separately at the watch to know the timing. Slowly these wrist watches will get reduced as the users will come down.
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    Second hands are useful when accuracy in time is required. In electronic measurements it is very often used. However now it is not 'hands' but digital measuring is being used. Earlier, the birth time of a baby is exactly noted with the help of second hands. Those who prepare the horoscope needs this accuracy.
    Very often the clocks or timepieces kept in kitchen need this second hands. At the time of cooking the accurate time is guaranteed with its help.

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    I think the second's hand in watches and clocks does help us to calculate a minute more accurately than we can do just by watching the minutes hand. A minute hand moving to the next minute is not that clear but if we keep watching the second's hand, we can know it more easily and accurately. It may have started losing its significance in today's fast-paced life but I do think it would not have been there if there was no need at all. I also agree with the theories that it is like the pulse of our body and that it is an instant indication that the watch is functioning properly.
    I had read a story which connects the second's hand of a clock to the hope it gives to the life of an old ailing man but then elaborating the same here would make my response too long.

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    This doesn't matter to me so far the manufacturing companies is not charging for this or being given to the customer on free of cost.

    Adding, that I have gone through the above comments & do agree with all that this could help us in observing the accuracy of the time as well as this also gives us an understanding that the clock is running. Anyone who feel that this doesn't required then we do have watches in the market that comes without that needle so having both the options.

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    The seconds' hand of the watch is very useful to the doctors who measure the pulses of a person with the help of seconds' hand. We can see the doctor using the stethoscope and hearing the beat of the pulses for very few seconds and calculates it for a minute to know the exact pulse reading of a person. The average heart beat is supposed to be 72 pulses per minute. The doctor observes it for 10 seconds to get 12 pulses.
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    As Sun mentioned, it is easy to 'observe' change of a minute by one round of second hand rather that one point move by minute hand. Of course before the use of stop watch second hand was used to measure time in seconds and more accurately and in fractions.

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