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    Opportunities in films reduced, hence Kamal came to politics says TN CM. Do you also agree ?

    Now a days the ruling party in TN is feeling insecure over the penetration of Kamala Hassan new party in every issue and his active involvement in every matter is giving sleepless nights to the AIADMK Leaders. TN CM Palanisamy has alleged that the offers in films was not forthcoming, so Kamala Hassan jumped into politics to try his future luck. What is your view on this observation made by the TN CM. Should a person be sticking to his own job or profession, or shift to other green pastures based on his experience and popularity ?
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    The TN CM is free to speak his mind, but such statements are an indication that all is not well and the person of interest ( Kamal Hassan) is beginning to bother him and the party. Kamal has a good command over the traditional Tamil language and listening to him (speak relevantly) is far better than listening to the run of the mill politicians

    We heard such statements from others when Rajinikanth also announced his political ambitions. Any worthy opponent becomes an issue for our own survival, some would welcome, some would use such tactics to put the opponents down. No harm in it, it is done often in politics.

    Coming to the point of sticking to the job or changing for greener pasteurs, if one has the skill and confidence, then change a job or a field is always welcome. We hear about so many engineers become organic farmers, IT/software professionals become film directors. Officals in Government positions becoming enterperneurs or runnning a charity etc.

    So, if we can make a difference, why not change and contribute more meaningfully to society. Sometimes people change for better financial gain, even this would be acceptable, will we leave a better opportunity or a promotion that comes our way?

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    The CM of Tamilnadu has to start counting his days as CM of the days. He may not be the next CM after the election which is going to come shortly. In addition to this now Kamal Haasan has started a new party and he is very active these days. So the CM of the State is sure that he is not going to be the next CM. So to retain his post he will do all possible things till the last minute. These comments are a part of such activity only.
    The actor turned politician is very popular in TN and no one can stop him from winning if he really fights for that. So it is of no use to comment unnecessarily.
    I understand Rajanikanth is also in politics now. Is it going to reduce the chances of Kamal? Among these two who are powerful and who attracts more voters?. These are the questions everybody will have in mind and we have to wait and see for the correct answer.

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    It is the fear that makes the TN CM to utter such words against the new leaders coming into politics. Is this CM post for people like EPS and OPS only. If MGR, JJ, NTR and Regan can rule the states successfully, what's wrong if Kamal or Rajni rules TN. One has the liberty and freedom to change their profession of their interest at any time. ADMK has already broken into many pieces, and will be difficult for them to get united. Anyway, this division in ADMK and formation of new parties by Kamal and RajniKanth with the existing Vijaykanth's party DMDK will divide the vote banks of ADMK and DMK. We cannot predict what will be the state of TN in future.
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    I think an individual has every right to select his career and this is what Kamal Hasan is doing. Whether his film or acting is reduced or not is his totally personal issue. Now, when he has already entered in politics, let the public decide his fate.

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