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    Every one minute of your anger and sadness would affect every 60 seconds of your smile.

    In daily life we do confront with sadness and anger at every walk of life. Some sadness and anger can be controlled and need not be shown in public and need not be prolonged too. If the sad moment and anger is prolonged, then we are wasting more happiness and good moments of our life. Because for every one minute of our anger and sad moment , we are forgoing 60 seconds of smile and happiness. Moreover by having anger, we are keeping on rewinding the worst situation and that is more dangerous. So keep smiling.
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    A very motivating and positive thread posted by the author emphasizing the importance of remaining happy in our life.

    Life is a journey where frequent ups and downs will be there and definitely, there will be moments when we find ourselves surrounded by the adversities and sorrows.

    Being a human one will naturally get affected by those sad moments and find oneself trapped in a mood of despair and helplessness but in spite of all the setbacks the real brave people are those who face them, tackle them and finally come back to normal happy life as soon as possible.

    It is not an easy task to do that but we must try to make this a motto of our life to overcome the sadness in life as early as possible to bring back the smile on our faces. Please remember that a positive thinking is the beginning of a positive action.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The circle of life is not complete without good and the bad, joy and sorrow, a frown and a smile. That's life. We have to thank God for giving us the good moments and pray for his support at difficult times.

    Can we change this? To a certain extent, yes, we can. This is what the core meaning of the thread is about. There are many negative feelings, thoughts and qualities (anger, jealousy, anxiety) all of which are present within us. Some of us are able to control or reduce such thoughts. This generally comes with a mature outlook towards life and other humans in general.

    If we can learn the ways to reign in our negative thoughts, then yes, we can replace every minute of anger with peace or even a little smile. This is easier said than done but certainly possible if one has self-control.

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    It is true. One should be happy and joyful in the life. It is natural that every human being will have some griefs and sorrows during the course of the life. As a human being we should not get unnecessarily emotional and keep thinking about the same point will make your life very sorrowful. It is natural that everyone will have good moments and bad moments. You should enjoy good moments and at the same time, you should get desperate when you are in bad moods. You should console yourself saying that the bad times will not be there forever and soon we will be having good moments. This thought will make you happy and definitely, you can perform better. Once you have this thought in your mind you start thinking how to come out of that sorrow and how to pay our road to the happiness of life. So always try to be a positive
    always confident

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    That's quiet a good thinking on behalf of the author but in addition that we don't have control on outside as well as within & that's why we carry a lot of expressions & the emotions with us. We know that we got our own set of terms & conditions in order for us to live a life but that is always negotiated with others entities. Theses differences or the gaps lead us to sometimes feel good or feel sad.

    In contrary of what I have mentioned above, I strongly believe in what author has believed into. Keep smiling, This is the biggest asset we have.

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