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    Harsh realities of Modern Life!

    I was fresh and energetic every day, I could hit the gym,
    after a hard workout head to the office.

    I could handle meetings, deadlines, quick decisions.
    improving business, partying hard, I could do it all with panache.

    I had a lovely family, a fancy sports car with a hefty bank
    I enjoyed my food, smoke and alcohol had an active social life
    and yes I was at the top of the world.

    I gained weight slowly, I was getting more irritated and stressed.
    I was told, I had BP & Diabetes and given pills to swallow.

    As time went by, gym sessions were painful, joints were stiff,
    my stride was odd. I was told I had arthritis, started medications.

    Sleep was often a struggle with frequent visits to the counselor,
    I found that I had insomnia due to chronic stress and so, another couple of pills.

    A few years later, walking meant struggling to breathe, frequent chest pains
    and a bloated stomach. I knew another trip to the doctors was imminent.

    I was diagnosed to have smoker's lung, arteries of the heart were clogged,
    and had a failing liver due to years of alcohol abuse.

    I had a stent in my heart, put on the waiting list for a liver transplant,
    back home, I had to face the harsh truth, I was becoming an invalid.

    My father a quiet, stoic man, was much fitter than I walked into my room.
    Son, Welcome home! But father you look younger and fitter than me! Why?

    I had warned you, Son, your body is a temple, if you look after it, then Old Age is fun and happiness as you walk into your sunset.

    If you neglect it, it's like a depilated temple in ruins, your harsh life has ruined as you slowly,
    Now watch your system give up due to years of abuse and you pass away in suffering.

    I'm sorry Dad, I should have listened to you.
    It's too late Son, but don't worry we are around to help you.
    At teach let's teach your children the vagaries of so-called Modern Life.

    I looked at the setting sun, dusk was setting in that day and also in my life,
    I felt angry at myself, for it was me,
    me alone who was responsible for my miserable state
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    Nicely narrated the result of busy modern life. Having timely food and sleep, having sufficient walk or physical exercise, having peace of mind and having good habits will make you healthy even at old age also.
    My father is a living example for this. From his young age, he used to be very principled in his eating habits and other works. Daily he used to walk for his office for 4 times which is about 6 Kms walk. In addition to that, he used to walk 2 Kms in the morning. He followed very hard principles in eating. He is always in time to sleep and used to get up well. When he was sixty he was having a symptom of slight BP and Sugar. Immediately he went to the doctor and followed the suggestion of the Doctor. Within a span of 6 months, his BP in normal and sugar levels are normal. He worked as an accounts officer until his 80th year. Now he is 84 years. No major complaint of any health disorder and he attends all his works on his own. He goes to bank and post office. He daily visits the temple in the evening. The discipline in the lifestyle is the key to having a happy and healthy old age I believe.

    always confident

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    Wonderful! Its a cruel truth which most of the people go through in their life. The early we wake up and listen our body the better and healthy life we will have. As I feel, a person start doing exercise once when he step into youth or in middle age when the body demand for it. If we look after our body from starting itself, we will have life without any pain or medication. This thread is a lesson for all of us, very good.

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    The author has written a serious note differentiating within the existing facets of life. The time has gone & there remains the memories with a good hope & positive life but slowly getting weaken with the time.

    This is the reality of life that the more we got into professionalism the more we lost our life. At the end of our day that we even wondering about what is life?

    Actually we never got that.

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    Thanks for the replies so far, If you see someone with an illness that has been brought upon by themselves and ask a question Would you have done anything different?, the commonest answer would be 'I wish I could undo the wrongs of my early life so that I can live my last few years in good health and peace.
    Hence the thread, we all run, run, run in life, without embracing life and what it has given us.

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    As a social animal we have to adjust and accommodate with the surroundings. Nowadays walking up to workplace is almost non-existent because of several reasons primarily the long distances and too much traffic and congestion on roads which makes walking on feet too hazardous.

    Most of things are becoming remote controlled enabling people to operate them while sitting or lying. Earlier people used to be called couch potatoes but the present usage of smartphones has redefined the physical immobility of people. We come across cartoons in the social media depicting family members chatting through their smartphones while sitting in the same room.

    Still, humans have always discovered ways and means to survive.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The author has nicely compared the present generation, our living style, our eating habits and above all the stress life every time taking the toll of our health. On the other hand our elders who are healthy even today, as they keep their sorrows aloof, live in the present circumstances, wont venture for fast food, insists for the homely food, wont eat much the oily food, go to the sleep in time and wake up early and above all they are not tired at all. We normally think that old people are bound to retire and take rest on the easy chair. But they are more active than us and this is seen every home.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A nice piece of narration bringing out the toll of modern lifestyle on an individual.

    It is true that we should respect our body and should not abuse it. The loss of physical stamina and fitness is irreversible. The time gone is gone and nothing can be done about it.

    Prevention is better than cure and those who take care of their body, control their diet and do regular exercises are rewarded for it by the nature.

    Wise people consider these things beforehand and gain advantage out of it while others fall in the trap of unnecessary indulgences and ruin their health.

    Knowledge is power.

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