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    Business Administration in Abroad

    What are the reasons to study Business Administration in Abroad
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    There are many reasons for one to go and study abroad not only the course of Business administration but also many other courses.
    If a student doesn't get a seat in India in a college for MBBS, he/she will go to Russia and complete her degree there as their parents can afford money to educate him/her abroad.
    A student who is having worth and ability to get a seat in the best school in the world for learning and if he can afford the education, he will go and study abroad. Some foreign universities attract good students from all the countries and see that good student will get entrance to their campus. The employers will go there and recruit students for their organisation with very good salaries. So people prefer to get into such Universities abroad so that they will have a chance to get good jobs and have a bright career and future.
    In the field of Business Administration, there are many foreign Universities which are known for their high standard education. So people try to go and study there.

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    If one is able to get admission in IIM, Ahmedabad then there is no need to go abroad.

    Only going abroad doesn't matter. The rank of foreign institution counts. Many students go abroad only on the strength of their fee paying capacity. People back home feel proud that he/she is studying abroad but the quality of education and future prospects of such students may be inferior compared to studying in a reputed business school in India.

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    A few decades ago, studying MBA or other degrees abroad was an opportunity for only a few who had the determination or the brilliance that got them accepted to prestigious overseas universities.

    Now, the trend has changed, many schools and universities for the need of enrollment canvas, conduct fairs, give scholarships, tie up with institutions in India to generate revenue. Hence at present is it relatively easy for a student who has the right skill set or affordability to get accepted into Business schools abroad.

    The main reasons for MBA abroad would be accessibility, desire for foreign degrees by parents and student, to enhance his/her employability, to widen the exposure and experience and also to get a chance at employment and immigration later on.

    Today many business houses and establishments have global presence including India. If someone has an internationally accepted degree from a foreign university, then they would stand a better chance of landing a good job. This, of course, would apply to the students who could not get a placement in Indian premier business schools.IIM, Ahmedabad and Indian School of Business were ranked in the top 20-30 business schools in the world.

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