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    Keep eyes and ears open always.

    There are people who think thst they are perfect and they know everything. They feel that they are the masters of the subject and they need not learn anything new from anybody in any respect.They conveniently forget that none in this universe is perfect and there is always scope for improvement and development They will never grow further once they start thinking in these lines. In the world, no one knows completely all things. There are many aspects of our life which we don't understand till our last breath. So it is better to keep our ears and eyes open always. It will make us hear new words and see new aspects in our lives. This will lead us near to perfection.
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    It is said that knowledge is nothing but discovery of our own ignorance. Therefore, the very first step of learning is to acknowledge that our knowledge is not adequate and needs continuous upgradation. The people who feel that they are knowledgeable, are basically stupids.

    We are lucky to live in the internet era where it is very convenient to learn new things. We have to keep our eyes and ears open and at the same time have a high speed internet connection also.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    A good learner would be a keen observer and a great person always lends ear to others. By being a keen observer, nothing would go wrong from our observation and thus those who are closely behaving with us would set right the things on their own without being pointed out by us. And being a keen listener, we have the advantage to talk better and respond even better than we thought as we get larger idea as to how to respond to the requirement of the opposite person. But what is more required that the opening up. That means we must speak out so that others would know about us.
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    Yes, I agree with the author that we should keep our eyes and ears open. It means we should upgrade ourselves from the new updates available in the market. We should be a great learner. If we would not learn from our surrounding we will be destroyed. We can take an example, HMT (watch) and Nokia (mobile) are good quality products and there no any defect in their quality. But these two companies do not learn the market policy and the trend of the market. And the result is in front of us. What happened to these companies? These companies are vanished totally.
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    If someone, thinks, they know everything then they would pay a heavy price in today's world wherein the ocean of knowledge is so vast that it would take a few lifetimes to master even one subject. Most of the learning we do after our formal education is what life teaches us. All we have to do is be humble and look around to see and hear what's happening and why?

    The good examples for these are the people who do not have a formal education but are extremely successful not only by hard work but also by informal learning from their environment, the people with whom they interact etc.

    Many kings and countries were able to keep ahead of others not by might but by keeping their eyes and ears open always. In the olden days, a good King was one who had an excellent network of spies who kept the King updated about happenings in his and the neighboring kingdoms.

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    The author has referred to a proverb. This is in context of learning new aspects & this can only be possible if we continue to adopt to the openness of our mind or be vigilant in the acquisition of information in order to discover hidden, secret or extra information..

    This also means to give up the narrow mindedness, to pay attention to everything that is happening around you and to what people are saying. Paying attention but at the same time being careful about the incidences & happenings.

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