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    Have you ever witnessed any miracle?

    We generally talk in terms of science or logic but sometimes come across certain situations which defy natural or scientific laws. Such events are known as a miracle.

    Sometimes, we come across news about an unfortunate accident in which many people perish but rarely a few lucky one escape the clutches of death due to sheer providence and describe such occurrences as miracles. There were instances when somebody had cancelled his/her airplane ticket at the eleventh hour and the same flight crashed later.

    What are miracles? Do you believe in miracles? Have you ever witnessed any miracle?
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    This is during Ariyalur train accident era. My father side relatives came to Hyderabad and they left by the ill fated train. Just before the train met with the accident collapsing on the bridge, the wife asked husband to fetch coffee at Ariyalur and by the time the train has moved and instead of her bogie, he caught hold of other bogie. The train met with the accident and first four or five bogies got washed and the wife died. This is the miracle for the husband as he survived and she died. This cannot be forgotten. Likewise during the death ceremony of my brother, the priest who done the rituals has taken food on the 13th day and while washing the hands , he collapsed and died on the spot. These two things have happened in our family and that cannot be forgotten and both are miracle only as it would never happen with anyone.
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    8 years ago my wife at that time her age was only 28 years old had the cataract in left eye. We are consulting the doctors at Goma Bai Hospital Neemuch (A well-reputed hospital). The doctor suggested me for operation. I took time and ask him that I will decide after asking my religious Guru Syedna Saheb. I asked him and the reply of my application was "Syedna Saheb bestowed benediction. Consult Dr Mehmood Husain in Mumbai". I was slightly shocked that it is normal operation and Syedna Saheb told me to consult Dr Mehmood Husain in Mumbai. I went to Mumbai. Dr Mehmood Husain told us for operation and gave the date three months later. I told him to provide the date of a couple of days. He provides the date. On the date of operation, he told me that the operation is only of 15 minutes. We were waiting for my wife. The operation took almost 45 minutes. When Dr. came from O.T. he told me that due to the Dua Mubarak of Syedna Saheb this operation became successful. The pupil was not expanding I have used one full bottle of medicine. This was really a miracle for me and I understood why Syedna saheb told me to consult Dr. in Mumbai.
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    Miracles do happen. Certain things can't be explained but they will happen. We can't explain the event with any logic. I am a part of a miracle that took place. My brother's marriage was fixed. Five days before the marriage in 1997 we started in an Ambassador car from Hyderabad. Myself, My brothers (Bride Groom and another brother). my sister and her husband were there in the car. Our driver is driving the car. We started around 8 PM from Hyderabad. We have finished our dinner. I and the bridegroom were sitting in the front seat by the side of the driver. The other three are sitting in the back seat. As we were reaching Vijayawada we stopped for a tea. Somehow I am feeling a little discomfort. I didn't understand why it is so. Just I asked my brother to go to the back seat and I asked my brother in law to sit with me. We restarted and all went to sleep. All of a sudden there was a big shock and the car dashed a tanker coming in the opposite direction. The fault was with our driver only as he got to sleep and he had gone into other direction. My right leg and my brother in law's left leg were fractured and to our astonishment nothing happened to back seaters. If my brother was not sent back he might have got his leg broken and the marriage might have postponed. I consider it as a miracle only. The car completely got spoiled.
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    Miracles are somethings that just happen and we cannot find a rational explanation for this. Many years ago, once at a picnic near Talakadu and few of us got lost for a couple of hours. It was the divine intervention when we saw some cows in the distance and after some time a villager who scolded us for venturing so far into the eucalyptus forest and he brought us back to the temple from where we had started.

    Since this thread is on Miracles, I request the author and others interested to read about a contest we had some time back at ISC, for threads using the word 'Miracle'.
    Topic for TOW contest for the week 24th Sept - 30th Sept'17 - Miracle.

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    Each time & everywhere this miracle is happening. During earthquake or during the time the building has been collapsed we have the news that a child was saved while the whole family died. This is not believable.

    You have to believe that the mother having HIV infection but the unborn child remains unaffected. Do you feel its logic that the blood of a mother infected with the HIV but the child within womb not gets infected. Although all the cases are not so but still many that we could find on record.

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    Miracles need not be only unusual and mysterious occurrences defying the laws of nature. Excellent achievements in any particular area of activity are also described as miracles e.g. birth of first test tube baby was treated as nothing less than a miracle.
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