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    How are the clothes dry cleaned?

    Since childhood we are hearing about dry cleaning of clothes and have a vague notion also that petroleum products are used for dry cleaning the clothes instead of water. I remember that during winters, the woolens used to get dry cleaned before storing the same for next season. There were dry cleaners who used to store also the woolens in their warehouse after dry cleaning them till next season for a fee.

    Let us share our knowledge and experiences about dry cleaning of clothes. Is it true that the clothes once washed with water cannot be truly dry cleaned later? Can cotton clothes also be dry cleaned?

    How are the clothes dry cleaned?
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    What I understand that the clothes are put into the the petrol wash which is considered as dry cleaning and the petrol would easily evaporate after removing the stains in the clothes.
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    The term 'Dry cleaning' started with the invention of washing machines. The washing machines does all the jobs of soaking, washing, spinning and drying. This is what "Dry Cleaning" as per my understanding.
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    There are some clothes and fabrics which will get decolourised and degraded if we use water as a medium for washing. So for such clothes they use solvents other than water. Actually dry is not a correct word but it has become a practice. Dry cleaning is not a "dry" process. Tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene), which the industry calls "perc", is the most widely used solvent. Alternative solvents are trichloroethane and petroleum spirits. As these solvents are petroleum products they call it as petroleum wash. As they use these chemicals which are costly dry cleaning costs higher than an ordinary wash. The solvents once used need not be thrown out. They can be distilled and again the pure solvent obtained can be used. Otherwise, this process will become further costly
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    Dry cleaning is a term used for cleaning some special fabrics and fine clothes by not using water and soap, but some chemicals to dissolve away the dirt and grime. As water and soap can be hard on certain fabrics and in addition to removing dirt and stains they may also affect the fabric. So a chemical without water(so the word dry) is used first so that the fabric is not affected and sometimes gets stabilised so that further washing will not affect it. Chemicals like Carbon tetra chloride were used earlier. Now there are very many cleaning agents used in 'dry cleaning'.

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    The old term Laundry has been converted as Dry cleaners. Every small to big washermen call themselves as Dry cleaners. The word laundry has disappeared. Washing is not possible without water. As said by the members, there could be special solvents used with water to clean the varieties of clothes.
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