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    Imagine you are in the trekking troop of the college. What precautions would you take for safety ?

    We all know how the students lives were lost due to sudden forest fire in Bodi district of TN and the central government has helped to rescue some of the students safe from the raging fire. Now my question is very straight keeping in view the recent fire accident. Imagine you are in the troop of the people selected for trekking in the western ghats and what precautions would you suggest for the team mates so that the trekking would be safe and every one would enjoy the moment to the hilt and return safe home.
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    Trekking involves high altitudes and natural sites. It may sound difficult but trekking is relaxing. It spiritually connects us to nature. It brings us closure to the elements that physically make us. Some routes can be strenuous and require some skills and experience.Basic safety tips to be taken are carrying an emergency kit and staying safe when lost. Hiking, Camping, and Food Storage are very important – The precautions I should take when I go for trekking are I never get separated from the troop. I carry all essentials required with me. I will try to keep the luggage as low as possible. A coat, a hand torch and a headlamp, the area map will be kept always with me. A basic first aid kit will also be with me. I carry a matchbox with me. I try to learn how to get saved from animal attack. The required dresses will also be carried. I will try to have a compass with me.
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    I'm sad to say that around 10 people have died in this trekking tragedy, apparently the trekkers did not have permission.

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    Yes Natarajan, that is why I raised this post as to how one must move in future on such out door projects and what precautions must be taken.
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    According to the reports, forest fires have been raging for the past one week in Bodi and Theni hills and the intensity was much higher than previous years. The tragedy struck when the trekkers were climbing down on Sunday afternoon. They had gone up to Kolukkumalai on Saturday.

    Thus it appears that there was utter negligence on the part of the organisers who undertook the trekking expedition despite raging forest fire in the hills.

    It is very unfortunate that so many lives have perished in the tragic accident.

    I often lament on hearing the news of loss of life of students almost every year in various tragedies mostly during expeditions on sea shores, lakes and such other water bodies.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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