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    It is time to go for jackfruit in Kerala.

    Kerala is a State where jackfruit was having a main role in feeding the common man. It starts appearing in the villages together with summer. It was not considered as a fruit among the rich. At the same time the trees with Jack fruit could be seen in most of the compounds. People belonging to middle class and below depended on this fruit and mango as a major vegetable item during the summer time.
    In fact Jack fruit will be used for preparing curries in its early stage itself. Jack fruit in its younger form is used to prepare side dishes for boiled rice. When it matured again certain dishes are prepared. The seed inside the fruit is also used for side dishes. After the seeds are removed it is cut lengthwise and chips are prepared just as banana chips. Ripe fruits very tasty and is taken as raw. Sweets are also prepared using this fruits. The exterior part of Jack fruit is a thorny skin, which will be eaten by cows and buffalos.
    Now in Kerala this fruit has got a special status since the Government has announced it as the 'fruit of the State' ( samsthana phalam). In fact it is a very nutritious fruit. It has high fibre content, low calories, low carbs and low glycemic load.
    In Kerala the green jackfruit is used as an alternative for rice and roti as it is rich in carbo hydrates. The tender Jack fruit is now being used as a dummy meat or vegan food.
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    Great is the jack fruit. In Tamil we call it a ' Palappazham'. It is the main fruit we offer to our family deity. No part of the fruit goes as a waste. It is eaten by both human and animal being. Since there are varieties of jack fruits, it is very difficult for me to find the right fruit with the outside look. I always take the help of a Kerala friend to choose the best jack fruit. It helps to improve our weight.
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    I am the great fan of Phalapazham as we fondly call it in Tamil and when we get from the Chennai local trains almost at every station, the vendors would be selling big slices of this jack fruit which would taste as honey. But I fail to understand that even in Hyderabad in some of my relatives house there are jack fruits trees and they do bear the fruits. It is as big as the normal growth, but the slices are not great nor tasty. That why I wont taste the jack fruits being created and sold in Hyderabad. Instead I would prefer to bring from Chennai or other places, probably the best varieties.
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    The jackfruit is very tasty. The curry made with this fruit when it is in its tender stage is very tasty. The seed inside the fruit can be eaten by frying it in the fire. The fruit is very common in all parts of Andhra Pradesh. In summer these fruits are sold and there are many gardens of this fruit in some parts of Andhra Pradesh. These fruits will hang at the place branches will come from the trunk. In our house in our native place, there is a tree of this jackfruit. the curry made with this fruit is used as a side dish with rice and roti. It is very famous curry and in marriages, in Andhra Pradesh, they feel it as a special item if served at the dinner or lunch.
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    The fruits of the summer season are being fondly remembered by the ISC members, we first had mangoes, now we have jackfruit. I like many of us love the jackfruit, as long as somebody else is peeling it and the fruit is ripe. I've had some bitter experience of eating a few unripe ones and having a tummy ache.
    At our home, the small fruits, when it's tender is used to make a side dish like a thick gravy with green whole moong dhal. The seeds would be boiled, peeled, cut and then fired like a dry curry which will be very tasty. The boiled cooked seed pulp, when fried further has a unique taste.

    Sometime back, I had read about a sacred jackfruit tree/temple in Manipur, from which Lord Krishna's images were made. Are the jackfruit trees considered sacred in Kerala? ( like the neem tree).

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    I am eagerly waiting to welcome unripe jackfruit (in Bengali, it is called 'ichor') and of course, the ripe one. However, in Delhi, we rarely get ripe jackfruit. I earlier wrote a Forum post and another article demonstrating my love for jackfruit. The links to the Forum post and the Article are mentioned below:-
    1. Why jack-fruit is not popular in India?
    2. Know the health benefits of jackfruit and jackfruit seeds

    So, for me, ''Come Summer, come jackfruit''.

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    No special consideration for the Jack tree. But the tree and it's fruit have equal importance and use for Keralites. If the tree is old enough after cutting different pieces of furniture are made out of it. It's leaf is used as 'country spoon' for drinking rice porridge.
    Using ripe Jack fruit (only the flesh part) sweet is prepared just as that using banana fruits. A mix of ripe fruit flesh and rice (after grinding thoroughly) , without much water, packed in plantain leaf will be cooked in steam (as we do for iddali), which gives a good and tasty food item. A little of jaggery also may added in the mix.

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    The recipe coming out of Jack fruit seems to be very interesting. If possible the author may go for a detailed article on this so that we can try the dish from out side too.
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    The scientific name of jackfruit is Artocarpus heterophyllus. Its name in some of the other languages of India are as follows -

    1. Panasam - Sanskrit
    2. Kathal - Hindi, Bengali
    3. Theibong - Manipuri
    4. Panas - Oriya
    5. Pala pazham - Tamil
    6. Panasa - Telegu
    7. Phanas - Marathi
    8. *deleted
    9. Halasina hannu - Kannada

    However, in north India it is not very popular as a fruit though in some rural areas, it is consumed in ripe form as a fruit also. Generally, its unripe version is sold in market as a vegetable and is cooked and consumed also as a curry.

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    @ Mr. Kalilash Kumar, with regards to 8-Halasa, I've not heard.
    Kannada is spoken in Karnataka. Halasina mara is the tree, Halasina kayi means Jackfruit, Halasina Hannu is commonly used to indicate the individual yellow pulp fruit.

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    #629679 - Thank you Mr. Natrajan for elucidation. I personally don't know Kannada language and wrote my post on the basis of my research on internet resources. However, on the basis of your feedback, I edited my post to correct it.
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    In Telugu we call this fruit as 'Panasa Pandu'. In Andhra in East and West Godavari Districts areas it is widely cultivated in gardens. In summer season it is mostly available. After completely ripening, the fruit gives a good smell. In a big sized fruit we can have around 80 fleshy pods inside. This fleshy ripened pods give the taste of honey and are very nutritious. Unripened fruit will be cut into fine flakes like fine flattened rice and will be used to prepare a very tasty curry in A.P. Seeds are large and can be made into small pieces and by steam boiling can used to prepare curry.

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    I too like this jackfruit. It is very tasty and I like its seeds more than the fruit. We just pan fry its seeds, it tastes very good. And we can also steam them.

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    In the case of Jack fruit the same is used in its early stage itself. In Malayalam it is called 'idichakka'. Inside the fruit the seeds will not be developed. At this stage the fruit is cut into small pieces, of course the outer thorny part will be removed, and curries are prepared. Curry can be watery or dry (semi roasted in oil - called 'mezhukku peratti').
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    The latest news about Jack fruit from Kerala is the proposal to start a research centre on Jack fruit at the Agricultural Research Station at Ambala vayal. This station is the part of Kerala Agricultural University. The aim of this new venture is to find out the diversification possibilities of Jack fruit products and it's marketing.
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    Sometime back, I can across a report about freeze-dried jackfruit to control diabetes. This unripe fruit has a very low glycemic index and helps in reducing the blood sugar fluctuations too.

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