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    A medical laboratory is getting ready for function

    A new laboratory with facilities to undergo clinical tests will be opened within one week in the vicinity of my residence. It is set up by Edappally Service Cooperative Bank. The Bank is to run this laboratory charging the patients a minimum charge. The Bank do not expect any gain out of this. The expenses alone to be collected as fees from the users.

    This is an extension of Bank's people friendly activities. There are already two projects running under the leadership of this Bank, a departmentso store and a medical shop. In both the sales are done with reduced rates. In medicines a minimum of 14 and a maximum of 40 percent reduction in prices are given. In the store also sales are done at subsidised rates.
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    For the first time we are coming across the fact that a bank is also establishing a medical lab to help its customers at affordable rate and that is a praise worthy move. Either too we have heard banks donating to a cause like free ambulance or reaching out to NGO's with vehicle sponsorship. But for the first time a bank has thought in the lines of giving medical attention at concessional rates. It is a very good move and the customer base of the bank would further increase. In these days when the people are loosing the confidence on the bank, here is Edapally Service cooperative bank which comes to the rescue of its customers. Great work.
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    A good initiative indeed by a cooperative bank. Such a goodwill gesture is likely to increase the customer base of the bank also. Cooperative stores are nothing new and many such stores are run by cooperative socitied across India and other parts of the world. The medical store already being run by the bank is a typical example of a cooperative store.
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    That is a welcome news. Nowadays many corporate houses take some people-friendly corporate initiatives like adopting villages, providing safe drinking water facilities to the people of an area, etc. Edappally Service Cooperative Bank has also taken a similar initiative which would benefit the people of the areas where the bank operates. I hope that the bank continues this welfare service for a long time, till the viable alternative develops.
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    It is good to note that a bank is trying to do some service to the customers by providing a facility in the form of the clinical laboratory to conduct investigations at a reduced price. It is a very good gesture of the bank and the scheme may be under CSR Policy. It is also very nice that these banks have already started a departmental store and a medical shop. To give medicines at a reduction of 40% is very good and we should appreciate them for the initiative.
    In my previous Organisation, we have an RO plant and we used to supply water to the village people for drinking and cooking free of cost. We have engaged an auto trolly. He will go round the village and collect the empty carboys and he comes to the factory and get them filled and give back the carboys to the villagers. This is considered as the best help as that area id fluoride high area and people are suffering from many disorders.

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    I love the initiative of a bank running other important public services. I would applaud the vision of the people behind this plan because I don't even know where the bank is but I'm already their fan. To me, it's a brilliant move for a cooperative bank. Today although banks have a bad name, I don't know the future of many cooperative banks, can they afford to stay afloat, can they break even.

    By starting a departmental store, medical store and clinical Laboratory, it has diversified not with an aim of profit making but with an aim of creating a growing customer base who would be loyal. Next would be to take on some Government schemes for the poor and use their existing staff, infrastructure and brand name. Once they existence is strengthened then would either continue functioning like an NGO or pick up some business to generate revenue.

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    In Kerala the Cooperative set up is very strong. There are several banks which are making profits and and giving dividends to the share holders at the rate of 20 percent of their share value. These banks utilise the profits for starting different ventures which are useful to the common people. Consumer stores, medical shops, medical labs, rice and vegetable cultivation, several small scale industries, palliative care units, libraries, ambulance services and similar other services useful to common people. Costwise it will be the cheapest available and will never sacrifice the quality of service.
    The membership in such Co-op society will be limited to only those who stay within a specified locality. Co-oprelative department will sanction only one bank in a specified area. KYC system will be followed and the home address will verified to ascertain the locality with the help of Ration card.
    Branches will be allowed within this area to benefit the customers. Edappally Service Cooperative Bank has at present two branches in addition to the HO.


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