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    How long were you home alone and what were the experience during such phase ?

    After marriage, and after some months, when the wife gets pregnant and has the compulsion to leave for her mothers place, naturally the husband has to live and continue the life alone and that could run into some months. Normally a wife would leave for her mothers house for delivery purpose by 7th or 8th month and would return back when the child is at least 6 months old. During this period , the husband has the compulsion to stay alone or stay with his parents. What were your longest home alone experience in the life so far and what where the trying times ?
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    Since, I was in all India service, I had to be away from my home town Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh i.e. at Mumbai in Maharashtra at the time birth of my son and at Guwahati in Assam at the time of birth of my daughter. During both the periods I had to live alone even away from my other family members like brothers and sisters and relatives.

    When My son was born, my wife was at her parents place and my father-in-law made a phone call to my boss during night time with request to convey me the good news. During those days there were no mobile phones and I was away from Mumbai, on tour at Jalgaon. I was taking dinner with one of my friends in a restaurant at that time. My boss called the residence of my friend to locate me but his wife informed him that we are not at home. However, the lady made a call at the counter of the restaurant and the manager informed my friend to receive call. Thus he went to the counter and got the news for passing on to me. Later he came to me and broke the good news after demanding sweets.

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    It is natural that we may have to stay alone for a few months when wives go for delivery. If in this house parents also stay with him then there is no problem. But if they are only staying means it will be difficult for the husband to pull the time. He hs to attend office activities and at the same time, he has to take care of the house also. It is Ok once in a while. But when they go for 6 to 8 months away, the husband will get frustrated. But there is no way out.
    I experienced this problem two times. I was in Hindupur, Anantapur Dt, AP. My wife went for first delivery. Lunch I used to take in the canteen and dinner either in the friend's house or hotel. When my wife has gone for second delivery I was in Hyderabad and I used to have my sister very near to my house and she has taken care of during that period. But we have to see all the affairs of the house also when we are alone which will be very new to us.

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    I am still unmarried & haven't planned for getting married for the rest of my life.

    But have closely observed during such time with my sisters. It's quiet logically to have the understanding within the couples &.we shouldn't use the word "compulsion" all through. Let's enjoy this phase & well wish the mother & the child.

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    When I had sent my lovely darling to her home to get blessed with my successor boy or girl, I had no problem in managing my affairs as I had the messing facility to accommodate me and feed me. As per the doctor's prediction of the DD(Delivery Date), I took leave and was present in the hospital. Alas! She did not deliver the child as scheduled, and my leave got over. Yet I requested for few days extension and was granted. It did not help. The DD was further delayed. Finally, I had to leave home to join duty. After my departure, on the same day, my wife delivered a Girl child. I could see my newborn daughter only after 3 months.
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    Being a joint family, at our home, we always had someone or the other during these times and things were taken care of. I don't remember having trouble with food or coffee. Only the daily routine had changed, the difficulty was in finding the belt or tie etc. Small things, that made me think of the better half.

    Apart from that, I've been away from home and alone on work for few months at a stretch. I got used to the life, breakfast would be quick cereals/fruits/bread. Lunch would be at the workplace. Dinner used to be whatever could be cooked during the free time or just take aways. Here the problem would be how to spend time away from family and in a foriegn place.

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    I had several occasions in my life to be alone. Of course, as mentioned in some of the answers above, when my wife left for delivery, two times, I had to be alone. But I could get accommodation in the hostel attached to the Post graduate department where I was working.
    But afterwards, when my wife got employed in the State department of Public works (as Asst. Engineer), I had to stay alone for about two years. Luckily for her the posting was in an office close to her home where her parents were staying. So occasionally I could go there meet her as well as my children. Once she got transferred to This area the problem was got solved. However, she had to travel long distances every day to go to ogfice and come
    In her absence I used to cook myself and do washing and cleaning too. I had to look after my kids as well. I did not feel any difficulty in doing these things together with attending to my profession (teaching).

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