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    Why the Government of Maharashtra did not accept the demands of the farmers earlier?

    The farmers of Maharashtra started an agitation for waiver of loans. They started a 170 KM long march from Nasik to Mumbai on 06-03-2018 and reached Mumbai on 12-03-2018. More than 25000 farmers including men and women marched the stretch in scorching heat. Most of them are without any footwear. Most of the farmers are tribals. The Government of Maharashtra met the delegation of the farmers and after deliberations accepted to their main demands.
    The Government of Maharashtra could have done this even before they took up the march. The poor farmers already under the burden of loans which they are not in a position to pay had to walk 170 KM to get their demands accepted by the farmers. If the government felt the demands genuine, it should have acted earlier and avoided all this torture to the farmers. When will these people wake up to the genuine problems of the people?
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    From the economic angle, I must state that waiver of loan is not the panacea of the problems being faced by the farmers of India. This is an extremely short-cut and dangerous way of giving short-term relief to the farmers which will definitely have undesirable effects. Not only in India, the farmers everywhere in the world are suffering from less availability of water for irrigation, climate change, not getting proper price for their products, gradual loss of fertility of the land, and many others. One time loan waiver is not the solution of these problems.
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    One time waiver may not be a solution to the problems of the farmers. But definitely, it will give some relief for at least some time. It is true that the farmers are suffering everywhere but no governemnt is thinking of their problems and trying to bring in a permanent solution for their problems. Last year the paddy in AP was sold at 1350 rupees per quintal and the same variety of paddy this year was sold at Rs.1300/- It is understood that there is a reduction in the price. I have not seen in the market the reduction of the rate of rice this year from last year. This is an indication that the middlemen are getting benefitted and the farmer is losing. What a feeling is the governemnt should decide a good rate to the farmers and all should fix a rate for the millers to sell the rice. Then only the farmer will get the correct price and the millers will not make huge profits.
    It is good at least now the Maharastra government accepted the demands of the farmers and I hope the problems of farmers will be sorted out amicably.

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    The point is not of accepting the demands or the merits and demerits of loan waiver. Why were the farmers subjected to such a trouble of marching in the scorching heat for 170 KM? The same action of loan waiver could have been announced before the march.
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    Political parties are habituated to promise something and forget them conveniently. So Maharastra government has thought that the promise earlier made to farmers has been forgotten by the farmers and hence kept quite. But never imagined that the farmers would united in such a peaceful way and march 180 kms bare foot and thus the unity of the farmers with their silent rally towards Azad Maidan baffled the Fadnavis government, which has to bow the head with shame as there is no other go but to honour the demands , if not now at least at the later date. So farmers are the winnners here.
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    I think we are getting sidetracked or missing the point of the thread. How to handle the agrarian crisis- It's a different thread and a different discussion.

    Did the 25-35 thousand number of farmers need to walk 170 Kms to get a yes from the Government?
    The simple answer is 'No'. Imagine the plight of the farmers some of whom barefooted, some not healthy travelling 30-40 km a day to reach the city. Ask any neta, can they even walk a few kms in the heat and dusty roads?

    We must applaud the Mumbai dabbawallas, who were kind enough to feed these farmers. The Governments do not act when asked politely but when forced into a corner, they accept like a knee-jerk reaction, more to save face rather than help the people.
    The PNB scam: letters were written years ago, ignored, now swift etc is being tightened up.
    The Kerala transport pensioner suicide: the Government quickly agreed to pay the pension arrears
    So, for the authorities, its a question of who will blink first, allow the issue to die a natural death or build up to a crescendo, then concede to the demands. The similar ploy was followed for the farmers.

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