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    Why do we differentiate between people?

    We are living in a society and there are so many people around us with whom we interact often. Some of them are very knowledgeable, while others are mediocre. Some of them are rich while others are either middle class or poor. Some of them are sober and gentle while others are clever and crooked.

    During our interactions with others we are generally prejudiced in our mind as per the status of that person and our behaviour pattern with him is manifested accordingly.

    Due to this our manners, talk patterns and concerns for others vary from person to person and this differentiation is very apparent and obvious to others.

    Why do we behave differently with different people?
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    Everyone has multiple personalities. It becomes a disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) only when it goes beyond 'normal' boundaries.
    So, the main point is that no one has one particular personality. We choose to show different aspects of our personality to different people. Even other people, who seem calm and composed and shy to us, might be the ones who always remain angry at their homes or who joke a lot. This change of personality might be because of various reasons. It mainly depends on the kind of person we are dealing with. And this generally happens unconsciously and perhaps dealing differently with certain people might be our conscious decision as well.

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    We can't use the same medicine for all disorders. We should know the problem and each problem will have a different solution. So our path will be dependent on the problem and its solution.
    As mentioned in the post same man behaves differently with different people. If the other person is very polite to you generally, your answer will also be polite. But if the other person talks arrogantly, you will also try to show your feelings by talking arrogantly only.
    The way you behave with your wife should be completely different from you behave with your children.
    When you answer a question to your subordinate you will ask as if you are trying to estimate his calibre and you will be authoritative here. If you have to ask a question to your boss you will be polite and modulation of your voice will be in such a way you are asking him this doubt as your boss is the master in the subject. Our voice is always dependent on the other person.

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    We have two different kinds people that we have kept in two different sections. One kind of people is someone that take help from us & the other kind of person belongs to a section which is potentially powerful in comparison to us & we go to them for their help.

    So in the first section of people is somewhat irritating to us which we don't even wants to remember. The second section of people we like the most & we usually don't mind even if got ill treated from & are always on our contact list.

    Even if someone don't agree with me but this would remain the harsh reality of this society. We are the society consisting of a group of mean people around.

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    Each individual is unique. Only the anatomy and physiology of all humans are the same irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, language or the geographical boundary to which they belong. However, their behaviour, attitude and such other personality traits vary which primarily depends on their background and upbringing.

    It is human nature to compete with others and there exists a concept of survival of the fittest. In this context, the people see various individuals differently.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    When all the fingers are not same, like wise people living around us are also not same. Each one has unique behaviour, understanding capacity, adjusting mind and above all great talent incomparable and incompitable. So we cannot get same degree of strength and ability similar to others and hence some are forward than us and some are backward than us. We undermine the back ward people and regard the forward people. But in reality we are failing to recognise the right and bright people.
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    We differentiate and behave differently because, that's how we are nurtured, educated and that how life teaches us to be.

    For instance, take an Army Sargent or a Manager of a firm, they would be kind individuals but if they show their soft side, work would not be done. So, they put on a mask and become stern and strict so that work can be done and efficiency improves.

    Why go that far, if we remember our childhood days, whom did we approach when we needed extra pocket money or permission to go on a trip, father or mother? Both are parents, but we almost always go the mother first because she is kind-hearted, smiling and will always oblige, it would be the same with father but he would be strict, no-nonsense guy.

    So, we start this while we are very young, a child is told about the bagman, beggar that they are bad people and will catch us or harm us. As we grow, society teaches us about avoiding some people. Hence we get into this habit.

    We all know that our job depends on the boss, so, even if he is at fault, we keep quiet and listen to him or her whereas, we shout at our juniors even if it's not their fault.

    So, we are programmed to think, act and behave differently with different kinds of people. This is what life teaches us. There are few, who be an exception to this because of their lofty ideals and noble thoughts.

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    Can you imagine how life would be if we are to behave with everyone in the same manner? Life is all about the differences between each of us. As has been enunciated in most of the responses above, our behavior towards a person depends on many factors. It would be inappropriate if we behave with our boss in the same way we behave with our colleague in the office and likewise, it depends on the relationship we have with a person, his status in the society etc. I don't think it is a matter of prejudice; it is more of an accepted/ acceptable pattern of behavior and it is subject to changes too. There may be occasions where the way we behave with a person might change. We may get angry and may stop reacting to a person with whom you had been maintaining a cordial relation all along and similarly you may start feeling more comfortable with someone with whom you had been maintaining a distance. I doubt whether we can predict a set pattern of behavior as such due to the complexities of human character and the possible influences of mood changes and changes in situations.
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    The story of Ramayana, Mahabharath etc., are depicting different types of characters only follow and not to follow. From Ramayana we should be like Rama by having character of not thinking another lady and should not be like Ravana doing all evil things to attain another lady. In Mahabharata no ruler should be with the mind of conquering other's wealth. In the same Mahabharata, an adviser should be prompt and just and not as Bhishma etc., even by seeing the tortures to Dhrowpathi at the courtyard.
    Later in cinemas the villain doing all atrocities and died or caught by police in the last and such characters are depicted to notify that we should not be like a villain on any occasion.

    So, we should have to notify our name by our character and actions.

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    "During our interactions with others we are generally prejudiced in our mind as per the status of that person and our behaviour pattern with him is manifested accordingly." well said the author and is very correct.
    We/ society considers some parameters and behaviour patterns good and some bad. How the people display these are being treated as.

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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