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    Disgusting! What is going on?

    Yesterday I read a news item which stated that the Rajya Sabha MP, Naresh Aggarwal, joined BJP from Samajwadi Party, along with his son. I have to state that I don't welcome this move. Shri Aggarwal is a known party-hopper. Since 1980 (when he was in Congress), he changed his political colour many a time. This time also, he changed his party affiliation because he did not get the nomination for Rajya Sabha from the Samajwadi Party.

    Not only that, this leader uses very offensive language. Very recently he insulted Jaya Prada, another Rajya Sabha MP for Samajwadi Party, in a foul language. Only two-three months back, he talked nonsense about Lord Rama and Sita in the Parliament.

    I firmly believe that this type of political leaders will not bring any positive outcome for BJP. They may cause a bad name for this cadre-based, disciplined party by their activities.
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    BJP is not concerned with trivial issues like background or behaviour of a political leader who has just entered its fold. Instead, their dream is big which is to win the general elections 2019 with at least such a majority that Narendra Modi can be installed as the Prime Minister of India for the second consecutive term.

    With such a goal, they are willing to do anything which facilitates attaining their set goal. Welcoming Naresh Agarwal in its fold is one such strategic move who is eyeing a Lok Sabha ticket for himself in the next forthcoming general election. His staunch opponent Ashok Bajpai who also hails from his constituency Hardoi in Uttar Pradesh has got Rajya Sabha nomination.

    He has hold in his constituency as well as in other areas also and his stature cannot be overlooked by the BJP leadership for its potential to milk benefit for BJP in the general election, 2019. However, the immediate effect of his joining BJP is being anticipated in the form of cross-voting in the Rajya Sabha election as he has influence over few MLAs in Uttar Pradesh assembly.

    Regarding his statement about Jaya Bachchan, I too condemn the same.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    This type of policy is never anticipated from BJP. This party is welcoming all types of leaders who have no good records in their political career. Similarly, BJP is taking many ex Congresspeople who fought with BJP those days tooth and nail. This will not give any advantage but belittle the parties esteem the voters. So I feel BJP should be selective in taking the people into the party.
    I also agree with the observations made in #629455. The sole aim of BJP these days is to win the next elections and see Modi as PM for one more term also from 2019. There is no harm in that but the way to be adopted for that should be online with the fundamentals of the party. The ideology of the party should not get tarnished for the sake of 1 or 2 seats, I feel.

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    Being in power is a matter of numbers that a ruling party has & the changing of sides is a matter of opportunity.

    What Naresh Agarwal has said is not at all appropriate & should be condemned & has been said as objectionable & has also been condemned by the party spokesperson like the Sambit Patra & Sushma Swaraj.

    This is not new for the Naresh Agarwal as once he also has insulted Hindu Gods in Parliament by linking them to alcohol, Refuses to apologies. They don't have brains. What we can say?

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    Politics is one game wherein we find interesting mix and matches keep happenings. In this game where the aim is to win and come to or stay in power, the means don't matter. In this regard, Party hoppers or Party migrants would be as important as Party loyalists. Their history would not be important because people would have forgotten their wrongdoings. What would be important is the swing of the section of the votes or at least the weakened opposition.

    Often firebrand activists and members keep the party's name in our minds. Just looking back we used to think of Congress often because of Mr.Mani Shankar Iyer and his trademark remarks. Similarly, gone are the days of ethics and values in politics and political parties. Now the sole aim is to have power and how long can we hold the power.

    Imagine if Kamal Hassan or Rajinikanth make a statement that they are open for alliances, all the parties would make a bee-line to the leader's residence to forge an alliance, not to benefit TamilNadu or its people but to benefit their own motives and reap the benefits of being in power.

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    Since the recent past , the happenings in the BJP seems to be away from their policies and principles. I had always respected the BJP party for its great ideology. But it is going the same way like other parties. It is taking those who wants to join them , keeping aside their bad past. In case of Aggarwal, the party wants to give jolt to SP and thus taken him to have counter check on Jaya Bachhan upsurge. By the way in politics no one is the enemy or friend. Every one is the opportunist and the BJP is also towing the same line. And the voters would teach the lesson for those who are the jumping jacks.
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    I am astonished because BJP is allowing such leaders to join the party. Aggarwal is a foul-mouthed leader and he doesn't have much popularity in UP. He himself is a Rajya Sabha member, not directly elected by people.

    However, after his joining BJP, the BJP leaders must keep him in check so that he does not make objectionable comments on Hindus or the ladies.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The turncoats in the BJP is not new. This is being encouraged since it came to power in 2014. The Aggarwal issue is to change the Rajya Sabha scenario in UP. These turncoats will be a threat to it in future. They will destroy from within.
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    Though party-hopping is not new to Indian politics, I too agree with Mr Kailash at #629455 that with retention of power after the 2019 general elections being the sole aim of the BJP (read Modi and Amit Shah), they are welcoming anyone who has some hold among the local people to their fold. They are just gathering a crowd to ensure that they have enough choice and also to ensure that, due to the competition in securing a berth, each of them remains dedicated to the party till the time the candidates are announced. In this melee, they are not bothered about the background or quality(?) of any individual or party. The BJP has the record number of foul-mouthed leaders due to this factor only. It is after all total business in politics now.
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    Everything is fair in love and war!

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    Though people had some different expectation from BJP, by and by it proves that it is not any different from other parties. People will then start thinking-why to chose BJP. With not-so-clean people inside, BJP cannot have clean politics.

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