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    What does B2 32 SU mean in railway ticket ?

    What does "B2 32 SU " mean in railway ticket ?
    I am travelling in third AC train for the first time and the above is printed on the ticket as Berth number.
    Where will exactly be the seat?
    please display pictures of the seats if possible.
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    Mr. Das: It means Coach No. B2, Berth No. 32, Side Upper Berth.
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    In each compartment, you will have eight seats in a section of a compartment. Generally, any number which is getting divisible with 8 with zero reminders will be side upper berth. When you get into a compartment and start travelling from the first section to the last section, you will have 9 sections and each section will have 8 seats. Seat No: 8,16,24,32,40,48,56,64,72 and 80 will be side upper. in your case, it is the side upper berth in the 3 rd section of the B2 compartment.
    B2 32 SU means in B2 compartment your seat number is 32 which is happened to be a side upper berth. B2 is the coach, SU is side upper 32 is the seat number.

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    I have taken little pain to draw a picture and explain you what is B2 32 SU. See attachment to understand it. Hope you will understand.

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    Our members Partha and Sun really gave the nice response and explanation to which the author has asked the question. But again what is the difference between A coach and B coach ?
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    A is a two tier Airconditioned coach,
    B is a three tier Airconditioned coach.
    Nothing much.

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    Abbreviation and full form of types of berth in a railway coach are as follows -
    LB - Lower Berth
    MB - Middle Berth
    UB - Upper Berth
    SL - Side Lower Berth
    SM - Side Middle Berth
    SU - Side Upper Berth
    WS - Window Seat

    Three tier coaches of train are numbered as B1, B2, B3 etc.
    Then each berth of the coach is numbered by assigning a number to it.

    Thus B2 32 SU means the coach number (of the three tier coach) is B2, the berth number is 32 which is a side upper berth.

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    Mr. KK,
    Where did you see SM (Side Middle berth)? In which train and in which coach SM is available now? Have you ever travelled in a SM berth in your life?
    I haven't travelled in SM berth in my life. I think, it was introduced and removed by the railway board. No more SM berths in trains.
    Other Members,
    Have you ever travelled in an SM berth in your life? Is it a comfortable berth?

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    I think Kailash has been referring to RAC quota of sitting in centre of the two seats on the sides. So there is no side middle birth as opined by Kailash Kumar.
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    Can we close this thread please, detailed responses already given.

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    Your words " RAC quota of sitting in the centre of the two seats on the sides" makes me to laugh. Is there any provision to sit between two side seats. I really wonder what's happening to senior members.

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    #629516- Sun is correct. Side middle berth was introduced earlier by the railways but subsequently removed on receipt of complaints about inconvenience and hardship from passenger. Though I have not travelled on a SM berth but have seen one during my travel in one such coach.
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    The day time passengers are made to sit on the extended seats in the sides and thus the centre seat is called RAC and that passenger would get the chance of birth during night against the last minute cancellation or passenger getting down en route.
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    Side middle berth (since removed) had nothing to do with RAC. It was introduced to increase the total number of berths in a coach in Garib Rath and other trains.
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    Side middle berth is still in existence on one train called "Garib Rath", a fully air-conditioned 3-tier only train. There is one such train running between Visakhapatnam and Secunderabad. It has 3 side berths including side middle berth. It is very inconvenient. I do not know why South Central Railway is still continuing it. I did not travel on that train recently but when a ticket was booked for a relative during January 2018, he got the side middle berth.
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    Mr Mohan,
    You are not thorough with RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation), I must say. Passengers with RAC ticket will have seats allotted to them on the sides. They will be allotted a birth on the same seat or elsewhere if someone cancel their ticket. If not, the passenger will continue his journey as a sitting passenger. RAC has nothing to do with day time journey and there is no such middle sitting with RAC ticket.

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