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    What habit of yours make you unique?

    All of us are unique as we belong to different backgrounds and have undergone different upbringing. Though our mother tongue, religion, caste, creed and culture may not be same but as an Indian we share many things among ourselves. Also, as an individual have our own set of personality traits and habits. As a matter of fact good habits are universal in nature but all of us don't share the same set of habits.

    Are you happy and content about your habits? What habit of yours make you unique? Do you still have any wish list for acquiring few habits more?
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    Sincerity - Loyalty - Straight forwardness - Punctuality - Openness, free and frank -The habit of calling a spade a spade - Love all - Hate no one - Help the needy.

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    I may not be able to distinguish myself with any special habit. I don't smoke. I don't drink. I never ate nonvegetarian. I don't spend money unnecessarily. I have a habit of reading books either hard copies or e-books. I spend a lot of time on my laptop.
    I am very fond of seeing movies in theatres. I will try to see at least one movie in a week. I never like watching a movie on a small screen. I have a habit of performing puja for an hour in our pooja room. If I miss one day this programme for any reason I feel a little dull on that day. These are the habits I have. I don't what is a unique habit in the above list.

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    Most of us would have a similar bunch of habits and traits, only the number and priority would be changed. I have a habit of having a low threshold for nonsense. I'll be frank and keep often to myself. People who know me are aware of these. There's nothing unique to be quoted.

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    Only from honest feedback can we know how we fare in front of others.

    However from rough estimate of myself, I feel that the few things which makes me different from many others of some other commonalities is that I am generally soft in nature and behave well with all- high or low. I treat everyone with respect and sense of dignity. I do not use rough or harsh words even when I am provoked. I do not interfere in other's matters uninvited and do not indulge in gossip and rumour.

    It is my honest assessment of myself. I will keep it so until a different feedback comes to me.

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    I can do multiple things at a time without a fault. I don't say it as unique habit but I have an habit of doing multiple works at a time and save my time.

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    What I have been told by my close associates and friends that I have the great character of observing others and watch the minute things and bring them to the fore. I have the best practice of having patience and listens to the others to talk more. In that process I learn many things and they keep on revealing new things. This character of mine has brought me many new friends and retained the existing friends. And those who are my long standing friends, they know that I follow the time and wont like those who are late and ask me to wait. And I cannot tolerate injustice to to me or the others.
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    It is true that many habits are common in like minded people in a cohesive group like the ISCians but still there are all chances of having certain unique characteristics in each individual.

    I have a habit of not referring a previous document though written on the same subject, while writing a new article. It enables me to always write a contents which contains fresh thoughts also though it requires making more efforts.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Many things make me unique:
    1. I think scientifically and try to understand any matter with patience.
    2. Generally, I am very cool but when I get anger no one can control me.
    3. I am an emotional person and always prefer my relationship.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    I am not a sycophant just to get favour or benefit from others. I am straight forward and speak it up when something is wrong in my surrounding. Where people get fear that their character may look as negative talking about a truth, I say it direct from my heart. And, I don't care what other feel or say about me when I am talking something for betterment. I don't try to be a saint or honest and I show one single face to the world.

    This is what makes me unique from others.

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    Some qualities such as Sincerity ,Loyalty. Straight forwardness , Punctuality , hard work, honesty. faith, scientific point of view make me unique from others.
    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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