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    What is the best compliment you have ever received?

    Almost all of us receive compliments from people with whom we interact at one time or the other. Such compliments boost our morale and motivate us to do better in future. I remember having received a compliment long back from a shop owner in Shirdi which I still treasure. While purchasing some souvenir from the shop, my friend was bargaining too much up to the extent of being unreasonable which compelled to intervene by remarking that let the shopkeeper also earn something. On hearing my remark, the shopkeeper had become dumbfounded and with folded hands had stated that having such an attitude, the God will enable me to make further progress.

    What is the best compliment you have ever received?
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    Once I went to a hotel for lunch. I was billed Rs. 80/- . At the cash counter, I extended a 500 rupee note to the cashier. The cashier returned me three 500 rupee notes, four 100 rupee notes and a 20 rupee note. I just looked at the cashier and smiled. He too smiled. Then I handed over him three 500 rupee notes. Yet he blinked and looked at me. I said,"If you handle cash in this manner, you may have to put the shutter down." He said,"What...why? I said,"I gave only a 500 rupee note, not 2000 rupee note. He then realised his mistake. He asked me to give back the four 100 rupees notes and 20 rupee notes. I gave it to him. He returned a 500 rupee note and said," Thank you Sir, You need not pay anything. The meal is free. If everyone is honest like you, our country will progress." Despite my repeated insistence to accept my bill amount, he refused to take it by folding his hands.

    What else I need !

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    When I was attending the felicitation function of my daughter for having scored 10/10 in the SSC exam and the school management gave the cash prize and medal to my daughter and that time the school principal also called my wife and me on the stage and said that ' As a dedicated parent Amrutha's mother and father were so cooperative from Lkg to 10th for her and my son , and thus the school is highly indebted to honour such parents who also take equal responsibility of nurturing the child to get top rank and thus the complement was huge for us as it was done through the MLC of our area.
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    Getting a compliment from anybody is really a good feeling and makes us feel happy. At the age of sixty, my father had a problem with the whole body shivering. I was staying in Hyderabad at that time also. My father tried some local doctors in the village and then gone to Vijayawada but no improvement. Then I have decided that I will bring him to Hyderabad for treatment. I showed him to a neurologist. After examining he told me that he was no problem and advised me to take him to a psychiatrist. Then a tried the best psychiatrist but no use. Then I discussed with one railway hospital nurse who was a friend of my wife. She suggested a doctor who she knows personally and a psychiatrist. He examined him and talked to him for more than 3 hours and gave a medicine. Within 15 days he had become normal. He wanted to go back to the native place and I took him there. My father's relative who was a very rich lady was suffering from some illness. Just I had gone to see her and enquired her about health. The reply she gave me is a very good compliment to me and still, I remember. All sons of parents are not like you, you gave health to your father what more he wants from you. I felt very happy and I will never forget about that. My father is 84 now and every three months once he comes here and visits the doctor.
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    I believe, compliments we receive from strangers are far more satisfying than the ones we get from our bosses or clients or family. Because a stranger does not have an obligation to say such comments. These are often genuine appreciation that comes instantly.

    Being in the healthcare sector, I keep moving around, when I visit the old places that I've worked, often the housekeeping staff will wish and enquire about my absence, these are people whom I have never done a favour apart from acknowledging their presence but they would have a smile on their faces. I feel happy at such times, I would have done at least something good, for these people to remember me.

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    Once I visited in a bookshop to purchase books at Neemuch since there is not a good bookstall in Rampura where I live. I was searching books of my interest suddenly I met a strange person and after sometimes we started talking with each other. When I was leaving the shop the man was there and he told me that he was glad to meet me and praised me for my smiling face. This compliment was everything for me. A smiling face does everything for you.
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    I always get complements for my smiling face. People who interact with me like my smiling face and many people say that their will be some positive vibrations around me and say that they feel very comfortable when they are with me, This type of appreciation gives me extra energy. And I remember one situation in my college, their was a very chubby girl in my class in B.Tech. And she was very innocent girl and other students use to make fun of her always. But I don't use to like students teasing her, so I have given strong warning to all the girls in my class not to tease her any more. And I became friend of her. On that day she said she will never forget me in her life. That is the best compliment in my life. Even now we both are best friends.

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    I got such compliments more than 10 times. Awarded cash prize 3 times. Appreciation by top brass/ management many times. Best student, best engineer award won. At many occasion received many certificates for winning many competitions.
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    It was just before my SSLC exam and after the model exam was over. One of my teacher called me to teachers room. He held my model exam answer paper to me and putting his hands on my shoulder and with excited and wet eyes said " I am not able to give you more than hundred marks as the total marks is only hundred. But you have done far better than the text and teachers.".

    Even today I get goose-pimples of happy emotions when I recall that.
    I consider that as the best compliment I got ever in till day life. I am sure that will remain the best ever.

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    After started publishing my article online, Reach of my article to a celebrity is the best compliment I received.

    First time, When a celebrity searched for me and thanked publicly is a great feel, Then the same was recognized in ISC is more enthusiastic and motivational.

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