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    PF Withdrawal Procedure

    Please could someone explain what is the procedure if the PF claim is settled but it is the wrong account number. I have still not received my PF amount which was supposed to be credited by the 09th March.
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    I just cannot understand as to how your PF withdraw amount credited wrongly to other account. Normally when the PF withdraw form is applied, it is done with the copy of your bank pass book, so that the amount due to you would be credited directly to your bank account. How come it went to other account. Nevertheless, contact the bank manager and take the phone number of the customer to whom it was wrongly credited, put forth your details and ask him or her to withdraw the amount and give it to you. You can also sue the PF office for their laxity and ask them to send the amount to your account again.
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    Sorry I was not clear with my question. I applied for the PF online. The mistake is that instead if 12 digit account number only 11 digit was keyed in. I spoke to my Bank and they have directed me to check with the PF office. I tried calling the toll free number and the regional office, on the toll free number I always get a message stating the number is busy and there is no response on the land line number.
    Should I visit the PF office to check the same

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    If the account is not credited with the amount, you immediately contact the bank manager take a copy of the advice of PF office and then approach the PF office. If you have given your account number correctly, it is the responsibility of the PF office to see that it will be credited to your account. If PF office correctly advised the bank about your account number but a mistake is done by the bank, the responsibility lies with the bank. You please submit a representation to PF office with a copy of the letter given by bank and ask them to do the needful. You need not worry. PF office has to pay you the entire amount of interest up to the date it is credited to your account. Immediately you raise a grievance and follow up extensively and see that they take action correctly.
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    If there is problem-related to digits of account number there no need to worry. They also need IFSC code which differs for every bank. So if you have provided them wrong bank account number then the amount will not be transferred in that account since there is one digit missing in account number so they will contact you for correction of the account number. It is better to consult the PF office nearby you and correct the account number. But ultimately do no worry.
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    You better go to PF office personally and give representation about the mistake happened while carrying out the online submission and give them the correct details of your bank account number and other information as required. Then the things will move fast. By contacting bank there will not be any use. Anyhow PF people also will contact you but it is better you take initiative and go personally and do the needful.
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