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    Is it correct to treat rich people separately when all are your guests?

    We will be attending many functions in our relative's houses and friend's houses. All types of people will be attending these functions. When they treat different people in a different way some people will get annoyed. Of course, basing on the relations some may be very near to you and some be a little far. But as far as friends are concerned all should be treated equally. But recently I attended some functions in which I observed if a friend is a rich man he will be given a separate reception than others. When the other friends see that they may feel unhappy. Do You feel it is correct to treat rich people separately?
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    No, it's not correct to give special attention to a rich guest. Guests must be given equal attention. But we live in an imperfect world. And in this imperfect world, rich people get more attention.

    I fee that the first step to correct this imperfection is to acknowledge the problem. If we acknowledge the problem, only then we can make conscious effort to minimize it.

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    It is more of an obligation rather than the true desire of the hosts. Some of us are fascinated by rich people and the aura they have at these functions. Among the rich people, I've seen good-natured people in my native village who would have helped for the wedding or donated some big gift for the naming ceremony etc. Such people are often treated especially out of gratitude for their help. I see no wrong in this practice.

    But in some functions, I do see what the author has mentioned. This would create a wrong impression about the host and the other guests would certainly be annoyed. I've seen elders politely walk off when the host, who would also be a distant relative does this sort of pampering of the 'new rich' or 'recently rich' people.

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    Though it is not correct to give separate treatment and attention for the rich people in a function or celebration, it has been invariably observed that the hosts do give extra attention on whom they come with impressive dress and in costly cars much to the annoy of other friends. When the people are invited to a gathering, all must be treated equally and there should not be preferential treatment and that would bring sore relations after ward. Especially the elders get more offended when certain people gets extra attention than them and they would prefer to leave the place in huff..
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    No, it is not correct but this thing happens in our society. I have also observed many times that the rich people are treated differently and poor people are treated differently. I ignore it and do not bother. I have adjusted myself to this type of situations. Whenever there is a function in my home I always try to treat everyone in the same manner.
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    Yes, It is not correct to treat rich people separately. When all are invited for the function equal importance should be given to all even if they are poor or rich. I also experienced this once, I have attended one naming ceremony function and they are giving return gifts to the people attended. But they brought two types of return gifts one is costly and other one is normal. So, looking at face of the person they are giving giving gifts. And they are not giving gifts to some people. And I observed that some people are annoyed with their action. When they invited people they should treat everyone who came equally.

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    Money is a basic necessity for anything. Rich people can help, others with money. So the receiver naturally feels obliged to show gratitude and extra courtesy to the rich donors or lenders.

    The rich people also my indirectly expect some extra preferences from the hosts.

    So we should understand the situation the host faces that it is not to treat us any less, but only to be practically display or respond with gestures obligatory on him.

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    As a host, we may treat and care the rich in a special way. Nothing wrong in it. But we should not ill treat or ignore the others who are not rich enough. Welcome all with a smiling face, and treat all the guests equally.

    What can be the special treatment? Any member can explain.

    To me, the special treatment would be - Going to the entrance and receiving them. Seating them in the front row. Pleasing much.

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    This is a very interesting thread by the author highlighting the special treatment given to rich people in our society.

    Theoretically speaking, in any function or celebration, rich people should not be treated separately. It is not only out of etiquettes but embarrassing for all those present there.

    Money is a strange entity and it brings many evils with it. Some of the rich people expect that they should be treated exclusively by the society. This creates a lot of division between people and the whole purpose of a function is converted into ill feeling and envy.

    We must avoid such shabby show off of richness in social functions.

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    Though it is not correct, in many places such situation is going on. They give preference and importance to the rich relations or relations with some status. In our house we never give priority to money among relations and so, if any symptom found in some functions like this, I just remove myself out.

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    Ha ha ha.

    Its a human behaviors that is full of conscience since our childhood days. You don't have a choice but this comes to us automatically. So if I figure it out then we will be attracted to someone who got more money rather then to someone not having that much money.

    Pl. correct me if I am wrong.

    While sending invitations we make categories & accordingly we go for the arrangements & do investments so to make the function attractive in order to lure the more capable persons. Even once surprised to witness that the tissue papers are kept separately to the VIP guests.

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