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    I am also an explorer like Columbus!

    Almost all the active Members of ISC know that I have been living in Delhi for more than 25 years. I have lived in different areas of Delhi and visited many tourist spots of the city. I started thinking that I know almost all important places of the city. But I have proved myself wrong.

    On 25th February, 2018 (Sunday), my wife and I took our daughter to an institute located at GT-Karnal Road for an online competitive examination. This place is located at Singhu Border. Earlier I saw the area from moving vehicles while going to Chandigarh or Simla. But on that day, I had to visit the place, which is very dirty and gives an overall unpleasant feeling.

    There was no question of returning home (at a distance of almost 30 kilometres) immediately, because the examination was of only 2 hours duration. So, when the examination commenced, my wife and I started exploring. We crossed the highway, and, what a surprise! We found a beautiful Jain Temple in a very large complex. Inside the complex, the environment was entirely different. There was a well-maintained lawn, garden with beautiful flowers, a small canteen for refreshment, clean washroom and a beautiful temple with idols of Jain religious figures. We spent two beautiful hours inside the complex, enjoyed the architecture of the temple, had cold drinks and some food items from the canteen and even had a short nap in the garden.

    I had never heard of this wonderful Jain Temple earlier. Although nobody will admit, I think myself an explorer no less than Christopher Columbus. I explored the GT-Karnal Road on that day and found Shri Atma Vallabh Jain Smarak Shikshan Nidhi.
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    Delhi with a population of about 1.9 crores is a world in itself. Therefore, no wonder, it's residents are not fully familiar with each nook and corner of the city. Moreover, the area of interest of different people also remains different. A follower of Jainism is more likely to be familiar with all Jain temples in the city compared to others.

    With advent of internet, all users have become at least partially like Columbus, the great explorer. The GPS apps on smart phones have made the exploration of newer pastures much easier.

    Nobody can claim that he/she knows about his/her city fully.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    From the contents appended by the author it is quiet clear that we do not explore the places nearby and think that we know many. Even in Hyderabad there are many new structures, temples, places of worship and other big additions are coming and people are not aware. Those who roam around the city has the advantage of knowing the things happening. Good that you have explored new Jain temple and spent two good hours in that place. One thing is sure, when we discover new places and things we feel elated as if we have constructed the place and created a new one. I think the same feeling expressed by the author.
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    It is good to know about the Jain temple which is being maintained very nicely and the visitors will surely enjoy such atmosphere. As mentioned in other posts it has become very easy to know the new places through this GPS systems. Generally, when we are going to a new place through google maps we will try to know what are the places around that area which are worth visiting. Basing on our available time and other works we will try to visit some places there. I was staying in Hyderabad almost from 1988 ( Around 30 years). But surprisingly Whenever I go to a particular place on the way I will find many places which were not known to me. Many people may not know all the available places around their place which are worth seeing. But thanks to GPS and internet, many small places are also getting highlighted. With the help of this internet, many people are becoming the new Columbus.
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    But Dr. Rao, my wife and I explored the locality on foot without taking the help of GPS. That is why the discovery of the Jain Temple was so sweet.
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    There will be many such hidden places in bustling cities that offers a calm and serene environment. Our cities have grown so widely that the boundaries have spread a lot. I find such narrations very pleasant because, when one has a couple of hours at hand and is forced to be around there, we generally, have something to eat, have some tea,coffee or just watch videos on the mobile. Here, the author has just moved around and found an appealing holy place.

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    Partha, I had a similar experience ,rather exploration some tears ago, in similar situations.
    I was in Mumbai then. It was for an online entrance examination we had accompanied our son to a college near Kandivili-Borivili in western suburbs of Mumbai.
    To while away our time, myself and my wife started'exploring' and visited a Balaji temple in the western sector of Kandivili-Charkop (constructed only recently then). That was a very pleasant experience. In fact whomever I contacted and mentioned about it in Mumbai, had no idea no heard of it at that time. I felt privileged . Since then the temple also has developed much and I had visited it a few more times also.

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    Partha, Have you taken any photograph? If so, you can post it in photo section so that others too will come to know about this temple.

    Yes, it happens when you surprisingly found something very interesting. It happen to me too when I was returning from Surat by our company car. On the way returning to Mumbai we stop in highway to have some cold drinks and this is where I found a Shiva temple. The beautiful and clean just before entering to Mumbai on highway. I spent almost an hour there and felt so happy to meet my Lord Shiva.

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