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    Do you truly respect politicians, be honest?

    I am talking about politicians in general, as a class of people, not any particular political leader. As a matter of fact, practising politics has become sort of a professions. Stooges of politicians undergo internship of prolonged durations by running errands before qualifying themselves to be called a politician. Earlier there used to be a dress code also i.e. wearing white colour kurta/pyjama with or without a cap, all made of homespun cloth. However, it appears that nowadays the dress code is relaxed as we can find politicians wearing western clothes also.

    Coming back to the main point, I have no real respect for politicians in general primarily because ethics etc. are interpreted differently in political arena. They make promises not to be fulfilled and exploit the gullible like fake babas.

    What are your comments regarding the subject matter?
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    A country cannot run without politicians. Exemption is the countries which are under a dictatorship or military rule. The word politics governs the government and the word government govern the politicians. I have respect for the good political leaders of the past like Kamaraj, Anna, Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Sasthri and Vajpayee and Kamaraj ,but not the present leaders. I find the present leaders are rowdies and gundas with money and muscle power. They are greedy to possess wealth, and have no public interest.
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    We are under the compulsions to respect and go with the same old politicians whether he is good or bad. Because there is no other go nor any qualified person would occupy his position. But there are ways and means to tame the politician. See that he comes to your constituency often and attends to the grievances and problems. If the old politician attends to our demands, nothing wrong to support him again and again. But the problem comes when the sitting member shows indifference and we are forced to show them the way out. So alert voters can retain a good politician and discard unwanted one.
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    I respect honest and the politician who works for the benefits of the people and benefit of the country. But unfortunately, most of the politicians are not honest. They are selfish and not working for the people and country. They behave like a ruler not as sevak. If a politician works for the walfare of society everyone will respect him.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    There were politicians who worked for the country and never carried out any action with a selfish motto. Such kind of politicians only should be respected. There are some politicians who work for the society at least to some extent even though they have some selfish mottos. They balance these two things in their political career. 50%b they work for the society and 50% for self-benefits. These days such politicians are also very rare. There are politicians who work for self-interests only. There are politicians who are greedy and want to make everything which is beneficial to them even though society is suffering. How such people can expect respect from the people. But many people act as if they are respecting him as they have to get their work done. That is why these days many politicians will not be even recognised by the public once they are out of power. These days politicians don't deserve any respect from any type of citizen actually. But sometimes we may have to pretend as if we are respecting them otherwise we will get into problems.
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    Politics and politicians by and large have become unwanted but a necessary burden on the Indian electorate and its economy.

    Although we should not judge them by the clothes they wear, I would agree with the author that barring a few good ones in smaller areas, this group of leaders have transformed like bad apples in any other profession. Many declare incomes that run in crores just before the election.

    I respect the ones who have done or doing good service for the people. More than that, the important question is can we do away with them for a few years.Some time back, after the general dissatisfaction with politicians, I raised a thread Should a country have a cycle of democracy and military rule?. This may not be the answer but we need a system to make them more accountable with transparency and results for the money spent on the politicians, then people would start respecting them.

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    I have true respect towards many political leaders. I am always awed by their sheer handwork. Whether it is sun or rain, they attend meetings, processions, discussions, debates, events at the residence or offices of their constituency people. They have to keep smiling and be attentive and responsive to the umpteen complaints and grievances from their voters.
    Simultaneously they have to deal with and satisfy the aspirations and wants of their loyal workers and leaders. They also have to satisfy the pressure groups too.
    Amidst all these many of them are updating their knowledge and keeping their integrity and sincerely discharging their duties and responsibilities with some personal sacrifice too.

    But the general impression among the public is that politicians as a class are corrupt,self seeking and power hungry. There are good number of exceptions.

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    I respect some politicians like our PM and UP CM. India has good hope with both of them and I hope India will be super power after some time if progress will be like this. All country giving respect to India this time due to our PM and BJP works.

    I think other parties need to bring good leader to survive longer in politics and need to improve work and honesty is major factor for all parties.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    I cannot accept this as such, since it cannot be generalised. George Bernard Shaw had made a statement: "politics is the last resort of a scoundrel". It may be true that many of the politicians have come to politics with the aim of making money. But there are at least a few who are genuinely working for upliftment of the society. We can find such names who earned nothing, but spent everything they had. Naturally one has to respect such politicians. We come across the names of the politicians who are always involved in bad tactics. Those who are not involved in such activities are not known to the public. I am not giving any name here who can be classified as a real politician.

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    When politics name comes to our mind question rises that is not good job not respectable too in India politics is not politics it is religion I don't respect any political party and also not to respect politician expect Modi Ji.

    I respect Modi Ji, not as a politician I like him because of his good sense of humor apart from this he has the ability to work with a large number of the group. we can say as PM he is perfect.

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    There has to be difference between a politician & a goon.

    In today's politics we got few politicians but numerous goons. We can't say that our former PM Mr. Manmohan Singh was a politician but we do admit that the current PM Mr. Narendra Modi is a politician. This difference in the status is because of the actions & the reactions of the individual persons.

    "POLITICS" is the "Art Of Ruling The State", & not being defined only by few of the physical attributes.

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    No present day politicians are praise worthy and every one in this field makes people fools for their selfish gains. In our older generations politician have sincerity, honesty, good attitude towards people, some good sacrifice nature are there which makes them remember even today. Leaders like Nehru, Sardar Patel, Lalbahadur Sastry, Morarji Desai if not politician Mahatma Gandhi are there to remember. As a matter of fact I don't like politicians who give lengthy sweet scented arrogant speeches especially of the cadre of PM or President. I like politicians who speak in a dignified and decent way with very clear tone like Rajeev Gandhi, Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Madhava Rao scindia etc.

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    I must say that there is a major difference between statesman and politician, we must not forget this. We must not keep the politicians on a pedestal befitting the statesmen.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    What about film personalities turned politicians? There are many but more in southern states of India.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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