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    A help to our nature by providing water for birds and animals in Summer

    We all know that it is so hot in Summer season. Some parts of the country have very high temperatures. The temperature keeps on fluctuating and more often the temperature is on a rise in Summer. We have fans and air conditioners at our places to beat the temperature. We often have cold drinks, cold water or juice in order to maintain our body temperature. Even if there is a shortage of water or cut off in water supply, we find one or the other source to get water. Water is so important in life. In summer, water resources like lakes or rivers either dries up or contain little water. Though many techniques have been devised to conserve water it is also our responsibility to ensure proper use of water.

    No life can exist without water. We are so busy with our scheduled lifestyle that we are not able to do much for the society and nature. However what little we can do in Summer is to keep water for birds and animals outside our houses or offices and shops. I have often seen people placing water outside in a container from where birds and animals can drink water. We all can follow this and it would be a good deed and also we will be helping our environment . These animals and birds are part of our life cycle and known to cause the important process of recycling. They are our co-beings.

    We have directly or indirectly occupied their places and affected their living. Let us all do a little good deed of more value by placing water in a container outside our places so that they can quench their thirst.
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    Yes, it is necessary to water birds and other animals. It is our duty to water them. Humanity also insists us to do so. I have read an article on this topic. It is relevant to share the link to that article so that most of the people can read and understand the use of every animal int he environment. Please read this article for more information.
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    One bird known as Chatak in Hindi and Marathi, Bibeeha in Punjabi, Erattatthalachi Kuyil in Malayalam and Kondai Kuyil in Tamil drinks only rain water drop by drop as it pours down. It does not drink any other kind of water i.e. water from ponds, streams, rivers or collected rainwater. It is said that this bird can live for many days without water. However when it gets thirsty it calls on Megh, the lord of rain and its call is always answered.

    Birds require water both for drinking and bathing. Most small birds need to drink water at least twice a day. Shallow containers like a dustbin lid or plant saucers can be used for providing water to the small birds. Strangely enough compared to the people who offer food to the birds, very few people offer water to the birds.

    In many areas , even humans are not getting enough water to drink. Gone are the days when people used to open drinking huts in cities for offering drinking water to the thirty humans during summers. Nowadays even water taps are damaged at railway stations and such other public places so that 'water bottle' can be sold.

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    Water is essential for living. No water, no life on earth. So everyone should save water and see that future generations will not face the scarcity of water.
    Already in cities, we see rarely the birds. We used to see many sparrows and crows in our village in my younger days and now when I go to my native place I could see them but not so many as earlier. In cities, I rarely see these birds. But luckily I have some plants in my house and hence now and then I could see 2 or 3 sparrows. My wife keeps a plastic bin where the depth is less but the diameter is more and fills that bin with water in the morning and keeps in our open area for the birds to drink. Except for dogs, I don't see any animals on roads. In cities we see these days drinking water camps by different organisations wherein the offer for drinking for the people travelling and trying to help them. This a really good work as we require water during summer more and water scarcity is also more in summer.

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    Kailash kumar sir, today I came to know there was such bird due to you comment. And I wonder how can any creature can survive without water. And their will many people who offer food, grains to birds but they do not offer water. We should offer water too, by keeping water in balconies.

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    This has been a topic that has been brought up in the forum during almost all summers. It is a fact that we need to be concerned about the birds and animals around us. Keeping some water in different containers at different points around your house is indeed a very good deed. Me too have kept some bird feeders and other containers at two or three vantage points and it is a pleasure to see the birds frequenting such points and quenching their thirst. But these are just temporary measures. What we all need to understand and feel responsible about is the importance of saving water and water resources. Things won't improve if we start thinking about water only when it is scarce; let us be cautious about this crucial factor each moment of each day.
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    Yes like human being even animals and birds also needs water to quench their thirst. It is better to have a cement container in front of our house so that even dogs, cows and birds can quench their thirst. For our thirst there are Piao or Chalivendram in Telugu through which cool water are supplied to the needy at various places in Hyderabad. But no one thinks of animal and their thirsty feeling. But where ever there is Kabutar Khana , water to the birds are also provided and for that even Municipality would supply water. Nevertheless I always provide food and the water to the crows in the morning.
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    This thread reminds me of a video from Kaiga, Karnataka that I saw, a dehydrated 12 foot King Cobra accepting and drinking water from a bottle, given by the forest officials who rescued and relocated it. It's still on youtube.

    A harsh summer is a difficult time for the small birds and mammals both in the urban concrete jungles and the real forests. The least we can do is to keep some water and seeds or bird feed for the birds in our backyard or balconies. We do this, but in apartments, the pigeons eat most of it.

    In villages, I've seen some people keeping old buckets or large containers with water for the cows and goats to drink. I our previous home, a few years back, we've tried a simple but effective arrangement that gave us a good opportunity to watch the beautiful birds and take some pictures.

    In the back garden, we kept two wide shallow plastic containers with water, that became a bird bath. We scattered some thin bamboo poles randomly between the clothes washing area and the shrubs that had a plastic sheet roof. We used to keep the overripe banana and grapes with some honey and sugar solution in small plates at 3-4 locations. Within a week, we have a regular stream of birds that used to drink water, hop in and out of the bird bath, eat the ripe fruits and keep perching on the bamboo poles.

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    Giving the facility for drinking water to any animal including human beings were part of our culture. Earlier there used to have some what a large sized pot cut out from granite kept in front of the houses and junctions. Water will be stored there such that birds and animals like cows, oxen, etc. drink water from that. There used to have similar arrangements in a covered space meant for passers by.
    In my house I keep two or three mud pots outside the house in an open space filled with water meant for birds. Different types of birds utilise this facility. Every day I wash this pots and keep fresh water. Of course, during rainy season no birds will be coming.


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    Birds and animals require natural resources for their survival. Unfortunately, in many locales, there is no open water streams or ponds and in these dry areas, the birds cannot survive until unless and some water is provided to them.

    In jungles or forest where spring water is available throughout the year, these birds dwell in large numbers. Due to the cutting of jungles and decrease of natural resources like ponds etc, the life of these creatures have become very miserable and they have to migrate to other places in search of water and food.

    In winters, every year a large number of migratory birds from northern latitudes move to equatorial places and only return back in summers. This survival instinct of migratory birds is based on their past experiences to keep themselves alive.

    Definitely, we can contribute from our side a little by keeping some water in small pans in open verandah or other accessible places for these birds so that they can survive during summer by quenching their thirst time to time.

    This will be definitely a noble gesture by humans to strengthen their own ecological system.

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    #629619 I- I am myself not fully sure about the drinking habits of the bird 'Chatak' mentioned in my previous response. However, it is described so at least in the literature. The migratory bird, commonly known as Chatak, is known as the harbinger of monsoon. Its arrival is an indicator of the timely onset of monsoon.
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    It's a good & kind act.

    The best possible ways to provide water to birds by means of keeping in a dish/bowl so that many of them can make most out of it. But there is a slight issue with leaving water out in so far as the hotter it gets the faster it will evaporate and therefore in a sense it will be a waste.

    Even in a lapse of time these needs to get cleaned up.

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    Once I saw in a house at Bangalore near to my lodge wherein I stayed, an elderly person use to pour water daily morning in the small tubs kept in the terrace for birds. I casually noticed that and impressed by this so, I immediately kept a earthen wide cup in our house open terrace and pouring water daily. One advocate in our area used to spread mixture,nuts for birds daily morning in front of his house.

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    This is a very well discussed point and many times this bird will be quoted. If somebody waits for a long for a particular purpose they say he is waiting like Chataka Pakshi. Chataka Pakshi , we call in Telugu, a bird which waits for the rain to come and tries to drink water directly from the rain by keeping the mouth upwards and see that the drops will directly go into the mouth. The poets described it as a migratory bird and it appears only in the rainy season. It has a voice almost similar in pitch to the cuckoo.

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    The author brought a good thread. Placing water in a container outside our places so that the birds, dogs and other animals can quench their thirst. Giving water and food to the helpless creatures is the real service. This is called compassion. This quality is not possessed by the majority population.
    People should come forward to help the birds, dogs and other animals in providing food ,water and shelter. You can go one step ahead by providing treatment if they are sick. Brought some medicine/ creams to apply on the wound. If can do this, call an NGO to take the dog/ animal for treatment.
    I have put many times the pots to give water but the rag picker take away the pot. Now i have kept the pot inside my boundary filled with water. There are 5 dogs and 4 puppies in my neighborhood. I am feeding them daily twice. ISCians should come forward to so some compassion to the helpless birds and animals.

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    I totally agree with the author and thoughts. I have started to water birds since last 15 days. It is a very divine task to give what you have. Birds are so helpless in summer situation wherein they are not finding water easily or not at all.
    The water also helps them to hydrate their bodies and give a chance to get more energy.

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