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    Did you have your cup of ISC today?

    Sometimes I feel ISC is like a morning cup of tea or coffee without which your day feels incomplete. In tea, we like to have various flavors of Ginger tea, Cardamom tea, Masala tea etc. In the same way, once you open ISC website you will read different flavors of content in Forums and Articles section. Many of us might be having more than one cup of tea or coffee in a day, in the same way, I am sure many of the members might be opening ISC more than once a day.

    Sometimes for me, it happens that I open the web browser and want to type but I don't know suddenly I am tempted to type It is always tempting to open ISC homepage and have a look at sections like Recent Announcements, Featured Articles, Recent Forum threads and Recent Articles at regular intervals.

    Sometimes you just plan to quickly glance the homepage of ISC in few seconds and close it, but it often happens that you are tempted to read some content and end up spending at least a few minutes on ISC.

    So let me ask you. Did you have your cup ISC today? If yes, How many cups? If no, how did you feel without your cup of ISC?
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    Yesterday I planned to write an article for the ongoing competition in Articles section. So, I put the alarm at 5.15 a.m. But I woke up at 3.20 a.m and completed writing the article by 5.45 a.m. Then I uploaded it and made two cups of tea for my wife and myself.
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    Yes, I agree with the author. It happens to me also. I daily open ISC in the morning before tea. My wife always insists me not do to so. She always tells me to drink tea without using mobile but I visit almost all the sections of ISC during the morning tea. I like to read forum thread and ask expert section more.
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    I had been one of the best or worst addicts of ISC in the past as I had completed my journey up to diamond level in 98 days by scoring on an average 100 points a day. Similarly my journey up to platinum level was also completed in the record time by consistently scoring on an average 100 points day. After that I took a sabbatical and have resumed again since last one month or so.

    Thus I am competent to comment that the addiction of ISC is no less than addiction of caffeine found both in tea and coffee.

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    I too got addicted to ISC. I open isc more than 3 times a day and try to contribute in different sections of ISC. And if I feel bored or when I completed all my work I open ISC and I will see forum section and if I found any intresting topic I will put reply. So in this way I will have so many cups of coffee of ISC daily. And today untill now I had completed 1 cup of coffee. And this thread is very creative that comparing the ISC as a cup of coffee. Nice thought author.

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    ISC is not my cup of tea or coffee. It is my lunch and dinner. Generally, on an average, I will be spending 3 hours on ISC even on a working day also. I will spend minimum 2 hours at lunchtime that is in the office. After completing my morning meeting with my colleagues and before going for one round in the office I will try to spend some time on this. While doing some office work I will try to see this also. In the evening after going to the house before and after the dinner around 1 hour I will be active on this. So it has become a routine. Sometimes when I go on tour I may not be able to open. But what I am doing is I am carrying my iPad which is having no data card and connecting my data to phone through a hotspot and I am trying to see the site on my Ipad. Sometimes My wife and my sons are trying to argue with me saying that I am not giving them time and spending more time on this ISC.
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    It is not a cup of tea or coffee for me. It is like my daily Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner without which I cannot live. I must browse ISC daily early morning, forenoon, afternoon, evening and night. I may post messages or respond messages or not respond threads, but I should see ISC the sea and its horizon daily.
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    For that matter those who have completed gold level and started enjoying the contributions here, that is the phase of getting addicted to this site . From there the member would be regular and contributing even more better than previously. And once the member starts getting praise, appreciation and awards, then he gets more elated and starts further contributing and wont miss a day. For me it is nearly 9 years completion and I have been most consistent and regular and shortly going to cross the 2,00,000 points mark by Oct 12, that is the day of my joining here. For me ISC is the way of life.
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    ISC has never been by 'morning cup of tea". I find time for ISC only after my essential routine chores.

    I mostly find time for ISC in the afternoon, evening and night,

    But ISC is mostly my companion before I go to sleep. I have a habit to take a cup of coffee before going to bed.(Though this habit is wrong as per any system of medicine and health, I have acquired this habit since the days when I was working in night shifts to keep myself awake). So at nights many days I take my night coffee while typing ISC posts. That way I can say that ISC is my cup of bed time coffee.

    As a genera traditional Kerala habit, my morning cup is with my morning newspapers and nowadays whatsapp also.

    But ISC is still an important daily routine to me.

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    A very interesting and amusing thread by the author. Yes, for me also it is the morning cup of tea. I spend an hour in the morning in ISC before I go for the routines.

    During the afternoon or late evening I may come back for an hour or so but normally do not miss my morning session. It is rightly said by one member that once you reach the gold level the involvement becomes consistent.

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