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    Articles getting deleted

    My 5 articles have been rejected recently back to back and the reason given is copied content. Also, I have been restricted from posting articles in the articles section. I have submitted more than 130 articles and never tried to violate any of the policies. All of a sudden, I don't know why am I facing this problem. It seems that I have started duplicating content from elsewhere, on this site. If I had to do that then I might have done it long back. Editors kindly look into the matter and solve the problem. If the content is copied then let me know and I do not want you to restore my posting permission.
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    ISC is very strict on this matter. They don't want to allow any copied content. By any chance even one sentence from any other area is identical to one sentence you have written they will treat it as copied content. So all members should be very careful in submitting their articles and before submitting they should check thoroughly. This is my suggestion to the members.
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    Reena, your concern has been put up to the panel. Please wait for a response from one of the editors.
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    I visited your profile and found that two of your articles were rejected related to poor blood circulation. I think it is a common topic and it is possible that some of your sentences match the content on other sites. As there are chances of being same contents as blood circulation is the common topic and would be available on 1000 of other sites. Let wait for the response for the editors of article section as Saji sir has sent this to the panel.
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    The content of the articles was same as at another site ( and hence were deleted.

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    I do not refer just one site when I write articles. I open more than 20 sites and that is why my articles come in so many parts. Naming just one site isn't enough. This time too, I have referred many sites and then written articles. I have done the same thing previously too. We refer and then we frame our own sentences. I think this is what most of us do. I guess then my previous articles should also be rejected. Not only mine, if strictly checked then hardly any article will get published here. Anyway, thank you for bringing out the name of the site.

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