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    Opposition parties shock BJP in UP and Bihar By polls

    The SP and BSP combined is leading with a winning margin in the prestigious Gorakhpur and Phulphur Parliament seats. These two seats were held previously by UP CM Adityanadh and Deputy CM Keshav Prasad respectively. In Bihar opposition RJD is maintaining a winning lead of 43,000 in Araria Loksabha seat and is already won in Jehanabad Assembly seat and in Bahuba Assembly seat BJP won. The results appears to be shocking for BJP as they are the key States for 2019 General elections.
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    When the SP and BSP joined hands for the by polls , then itself there was a feeling that BJP would be isolated as the Muslims would either vote for SP or BSP candidate. So in this case the Gorakhpur seat which was won by the CM Yogi was resigned and thus the voters were angry for his action. It see,s the BJP top brass has taken this by poll as easy and they thought they would win having seen the surge of the party in NE recently. But they were wrong as the voter were in angry mood if the CM candidate resigns from their area and thus given the vote to other party. This is not a setback to BJP but a warning signal to brace up.
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    It is a blow to the BJP and the party's image after losing the Gorakhpur and Pulpur LS elections. Such surprising defeats mean that the party startegy or the idea of taking things for granted have not worked well. What is more an icing on the cake for the the opposition (SP-BSP) as these seats were held by the starwlats of BJP previusly.

    These intermittent loses are like chinks in the armour of the BJP which is due to face the elections in Karnataka. Who knows, the the Congress, BSP and SP come together and have their united forces that can upset BJP in UP later on during the next elections.

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    I am not at all surprised.

    In all relevant contexts,I have been consistently maintaining that BJP does not have a committed voter base to see it win. BJP wins only by the votes of the silent, unbiased and neutral, but alert middle class and ordinary people who analyse and react with the changing situations.

    Ironically BJP people became overconfident from the continuous electoral victories. They were 'blinded' by the series of electoral victories and forgot to look at the ground realities.
    Even in a very recent thread also I commented that the party alone will be responsible for any shock it receives in coming elections.

    Electoral mathematics shows strategic and tactical alliances can make situations as what is happening now. Let the party understand it.

    There is still time for the BJP to learn lessons and act to safeguard its interest and nation's too.

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    All three Loksabha seats which went for By Polls were won by Opposition parties. In Bihar opposition RJD won one Loksabha and one Assembly seat. The only consolation for BJP is they won one Assembly seat in Bihar. In my opinion if opposition combines in 2019 General elections BJP has to see 'India Shining,' like call in the past.

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    Before 2019 general elections, budget 2019 will be presented in which taxes, including income tax, are likely to be made rational for attracting voters. Similarly many such other actions are likely to be taken to lure the voters of various hues and colours.

    It is said that the politics is the art of possible which means that it is not about what is right or what is best but instead it is about what one can actually get done.
    SP and BSP are strange bed fellows but they got united for winning.
    The TV in front of me is flashing the news that Akhilesh Yadav has visited the residence of Mayawati for congratulating and thanking him.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is true it is a shock to BJP. The top duo of the party thought that they will easily win the two seats and not given any attention. It is an indication to the party that they should take the 2019 election seriously and already there are indications from the south that in all southern states are against BJP. Now if in other states also the opposition parties get united the chances for BJP will get reduces. There is a reduction in the popularity of the PM. Amith Shah has become overconfident. Now they might have understood the ground realities. It is an eye-opener for the party. BSP and SP are together they are a very big force and have a lot of support from many communities and that is a positive factor for them. Now we have to wait and see how BJP will react and what remedial actions they will take for bringing back the voters on their side.
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    The BJP is paying for its arrogance. The Gorakhpur Parliament seat was held by the BJP since 1991. The defeat in this constituency is all the more significant as Yogi Adityanath was holding this constituency since 1998. The election results proved that BJP is in for stiff opposition in the coming elections. The series of defeats in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh are indicators of its waning popularity. People want "Kaam ki Baat".
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    Already, the BJP senior leaders from the UP administration have stated that the alliance (SP-BSP) gave them little time to prepare. They will go back to the strategy and analyze where they went wrong.

    In a recent thread on Meghalaya gets a new CM, I had echoed my thoughts that despite Congress being the single largest seat winner couldn't for an alliance which BJP did with just two and this cannot be considered as an honorable and true victory for BJP. Likewise, I would not be surprised if the Congress forms an alliance with SP/BSP to defeat BJP.

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