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    United we win, divided we lose - An advice to the Heroes

    United we win, divided we lose is a proven proverb. In Tamilnadu, the film Heroes have formed and are forming new parties. Mr. Vijaykanth formed DDMK(Desia Dravida Murpokku Kazhagam) , and Mr. Saratkumar formed SMK (Samathuva Makkal Katchi). Mr Kamalhaasan formed MNM(Makkal Neethi Maiyyam). Mr Rajnikanth has gone to Himalayas to find a suitable name for his party and get the blessings of the Babas in the ranges. All these party leaders are heroes in their reel life, but not in real life. They have some followers. Sarathkumar's party is a week one without much vote bank, but Vijaykanth party stands third in Tamilandu after DMK & ADMK. Kamalhasan's and Rajni's parties likely to have good vote bank. In this scenerio, what if all the four Heroes merge together and form an alliance group and contest elections. If combined, I am sure they will win and topple the ruling ADMK(which is already divided into many pieces) and DMK to bite the dust.

    You may ask "Who will be the CM of Tamilnadu then? No problem. We can have the Hero whose party wins the majority seats will be the CM.

    Why these Heroes wants to act independently and wish to bite the dust in elections? Members, what is your comment?
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    Heroes play the role of the lead character of the film. Likewise, they want to play the role of lead character of the state i.e. role of the Chief Minister of India.
    They are entering politics on the strength of their fan followers who almost worship them as their heroes. In case the heroes get united i.e. one hero accept the supremacy of the other by accepting him as the leader, then the fan followers of the subordinate hero are likely to get dejected and shun him.

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    Mr.Sun, Please correct the heading. The word 'the" is repeated. One 'the' is to be converted to 'to'.
    If all the four heroes come together and form a front it will be definitely a winning front only. But I don't know whether it will happen. As per a proverb in Telugu, it is difficult to accommodate two knives in one container. As such whether they can go together is the question? As suggested by the author if they contest unitedly, the maximum seat winner can be the CM. But the other actors who will also contest and win can't work under the leadership of another actor. Under such condition what will happen is the question. Even if the heroes come to an understanding whether their supporters adjust among themselves is another point needs to be considered. But it is true that small ants by becoming a team can kill the serpent. A simple grass piece when combines with other grass pieces and forms a rope the strength of the rope will increase and it can be used to tie down an elephant.

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    The suggestion made by the author seems to be great but in reality it wont work. Why because, all the heroes have their ego problems and they are not in good talking terms. Politics is the place of adjustment and sulking. But our heroes were known for over riding each other in their own way and hence may not like to have a grand alliance. However if all the four joins for the sake of good governance in future, wonders can be made for the first time in Tamil Nadu as the voters would have the best reason to vote other than the Dravidian parties. But again considering the seniority of his association in the politics Vijayakanth may be putting conditions on Rajni and Kamal which they wont like. So the guess suggestion from the author seems to be good from the voters point of view but not possible in reality.
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    Desia Dravida Murpokku Kazhagam, by Vijaykanth, has lost its presence, they have not been able to win any seats in 2016, it has formed a couple of alliances in the past without much success. So, DDMK would be open for another alliance. Vijaykanth behaviour, antics and inability to speak well at public functions is well known to the people of Tamil Nadu, there are so many videos of his on youtube. As late as November last year, he was stated to have gone to Singapore for health issues etc.

    Sharath Kumar with his All India Samathuva Makkal Katchi has also been in an alliance before. Prior to that, he had been in DMK and AIADMK. So, he too would be agreeable to an alliance

    But would Kamal Hassan or Rajini be interested? Joining forces would help DDMK and AISMK. I have a feeling that both the new entrants would want to try their hands alone in politics first. Among the four, I would say Rajinikanth has the ability and backing to come up to the front if he gets a seasoned campaigner to run his campaign and form an alliance.

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    What if all the four Heroes merge together and form an alliance group and contest elections? They will back stab each other to become CM. These people have no policies other than becoming CM. No politician in TN has become a winner just being just a actor. The only 2 successes are MGR and JL. MGR was in politics for 35 years before he became CM. Only reason JL became CM was that she projected herself as MGR,s heir. Once she became CM, she developed her own image.

    A very popular Sivaji Ganesan was a flop in politics

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