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    If you get a chance to become the Prime Minister of India for one day, what you would do?

    The Prime Minister of India is the head of the council of minister and leader of the executive branch of the Government of India. We often express our dissatisfaction about the functioning of the Government and held the Prime Minister responsible for the same. We blame the Prime Minister only for issues like unemployment, inadequate healthcare, lack of basic infrastructure e.g. roads and housing for all, crime scenario, spreading terrorism etc.

    Is it so simple for a Prime Minister to solve all such problems overnight or even in full five years tenure?

    If you get a chance to become a prime minister of India for one day, what you would do?
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    Mr. KK
    We have discussed the same ample number of times. Let us leave the PM. Nothing can be done in one day. The new PM will be tired of taking oath and a party in the evening hosted by the opposition parties. It is only fit to produce films as to what can be done in one day as a CM or PM.

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    I remember similar post was there sometime back. As mentioned in # 629646 nothing can be done in one day. What we see the movies are only an imagination and it is not possible to happen in real life. Many people will say so many things that they will do but ultimately once he becomes the PM his hidden agenda will be different and he will try to accomplish his hidden agenda more than other works.
    There was a movie in Telugu wherein the hero become CM for a day and he has taken many actions and succeed over evil forces prevailing in the society. These are all good to hear and nice to see but there is no chance for so happening in the real life.

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    We even had a movie on 'one day CM'. Our replies will be along the same lines. There are many such similar threads in the past. Most of us want to change politics, eradicate poverty, create jobs, carve out a state etc. How meaningful and practical would these be is the real question?

    What would you do constructively if you become the PM of India?.
    What would you do if you were to be Prime Minister of India?.
    If you were the Prime Minister what would you first change in India?.

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    The role of PM if empowered for one day can create a historical moment. It would all depend upon the man entrusted for this job.
    In the event of getting a chance for such a post, I would call the principal secretaries of health and education and would detect them for taking measures to ensure that there is sufficient penetration of education in the rural areas and the people living in the villages get adequate health treatment in their own villages. I would advise the health - secretary to take appropriate steps to initiate health centres in the villages so that they need run after here and there in the wake of consultation of a doctor.

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    Good forum by the author by reading your forum I remember Nayak film in Hindi. Anyway, such chance will not be given in reality if so then first let me concentrate the high rate problems, for example, heavy donations and fees in private school where many middle-class people can't afford to pay and even they don't come under RTE. Some fixed standard fee circular must take action. So that at least few percents of school gambling will reduce. I think only work can come to action because knowing the procedure itself will take half a day.

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    If I become the Prime Minister for one day, I will pass an Ordinance to ban all elections at the central level and the state level to stop wasteful expenditures and nominate Mr. Partha Kansabanik as the President (real President-not a Constitutional figure-head) for his entire life.

    Thereafter as a President Mr. Kansabanik will nominate heads of the states-but that would be done later.

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    If I were made the Prime Minister of the country even for one day, I would remove all the unwanted ministries first , down size the over staff in many departments, all the government employees need to attend the office in time and leave in time, and any late comers will be punished with half day salary cut. Each government employee must show his performance report as to why he should continue in the office and why he should not be terminated. As far as possible the government employees must work on themselves without depending on the class four employees. No extravagant expenses during the financial year end so as to complete the finance that were kept unused. No foreign trips for the officials and others. Girl child be nurtured under government care with all freebies dolled out in her name. And above all corruption free government in all the department.
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    Regarding existence of similar threads in the past, my observation is that about more than 90% of the threads being raised in the forum section are repetions of not more than about hundred topics being raised by various authors with or without slight modification in the language.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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