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    One of the World's best loved scientists is no more.

    The renowned Physicist, Professor Stephen Hawking died early this morning. He is more familiar to ordinary readers as the author of the popular science book, "A brief history of time". Around the age of 30, he became almost completely disabled due to motor neuron disease. He lived in a wheel chair with no motion for almost all of his body parts. His thoughts and ideas were transmitted with the help of computers. His ideas about the black holes and the universe were well discussed and accepted by scientists. Even at this age, with all the disabilities, he was preparing for a space trip.
    He was born in England in 1942 and had degrees taken from Cambridge and University of Oxford. He was married to Elaina Mason. He has two daughters and one son. His publications include 'A brief history of time', 'Nature of space and time', 'The grand design', 'The universe in a nutshell', 'My brief history', 'George's secret key to the Universe' and 'The theory of everything' among others. Stephen Hawking was the most renowned scientist of the last century.
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    Sorry to know that the author of "A brief history of time, Nature of space and time, The grand design, The universe in a nutshell, My brief history, George's secret key to the Universe, The theory of everything" , renowned Physicist, Professor Stephen Hawking is no more. Even though he was disabled physically, he was very much moving with his creative thoughts which the whole scientist world agrees and abide by him. His journey to the space world remain unfulfilled. Nevertheless Hawking made major strides through writings and that should the inspiration for the younger generation.
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    Stephen Hawking left the world on the birthday of Einstein. He was responsible to make astrophysics an item of popular science. magazines. Many students have started studying astrophysics and theoretical physics because of Stephen Hawking.
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    Another small coincidence. Stephen Hawking was born (8th January) on the death anniversary of Galileo.
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    Iconic, he was, as a scientist who contributed so much to Cosmology and he has been an inspiration for many across the world. But what he is for a layman like me is a symbol of undaunted determination. May his soul rest in peace! He will always be remembered for his contributions to science as well as for showing the world that nothing can stop you if you have the willpower and is determined.
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    May this great Professor Stephen Hawking's soul Rest in Peace. Let him take his rebirth and continue his services to the world community. RIP
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    I also read the news yesterday night and it was a sad news. His work in the field of Universe will be remembered for the eternity. He has given the most acceptable explanation to the Big Bang theory. He also explained the black hole. Both the discoveries were revolutionary in the field of science.
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    A great loss to the world. The world-renowned physicist Professor Stephen Hawking is gone to the other world yesterday. I always keep him at the first place in the area of Astrophysics. I always remember his quote advising the people not to look at their feet but see the star and their worlds. It is like an inspiration to young people to aim high. He says one should have the inclination to know about unknown things which will make you think and decide a path to knowing the unknown accepts. The desire to know id more important. My respects to him and pray for his soul to rest in peace.
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    Stephen Hawking was a great physicist. He had postulated many ideas about the universe and helped in understanding the mysterious flow of time.

    He was a great example of a person who could influence the scientific world in spite of his physical disability.

    His contributions in the field of astrophysics will be remembered and used by scientists for a long time to come to unravel the mysteries of the universe.

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    Great contributions by the above authors.

    Adding one of his quotes,
    "I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.". The brilliant one.

    Few never died & remained an inspiration for others for rest of their life.

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    A legend in his own right, Professor Stephen Hawking had visited India in January 2001. Interesting, his father lived in Lucknow in the 1950s while working with the CDRI, central drug research institute. He admired Indians for their grasp of mathematics and physics. May his soul rest in peace.

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    Stephen Hawking was one of the greatest scientists which the history has found. His work in the area of Cosmology is vast and he dedicated a lot of time for the research. Definitely, the world will miss him and his contributions.

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    Being a native of Lucknow, I instantaneously became curious about Stephen Hawking's Lucknow connection on reading the response #629808 of Mr. Natarajan.

    Incidentally, in the Wikipedia account of Stephen Hawking, his Lucknow connection is not mentioned under the heading 'Early Life and Education'. However, a news report published in the Hindustan Times dated 15.03.18, mentions it.

    It is mentioned that his father Frank Hawking who was the head of the National Institute For Medical Research In England, used to live in Lucknow in late 1950s. His Lucknow connection is mentioned in his memoirs 'My Brief History', published by Bantam Press. In the chapter titled 'Oxford', he has said , 'In summer holidays, I went to India to join the rest of the family, who were living in a house in Lucknow rented from a former chief minister of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh who has been disgraced for corruption'. Further it is mentioned that , 'My father refused to eat Indian food during his time there, so he hired an ex-British Army cook and bearer to prepare and serve English food'.

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