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    Humble request to reconsider the points alloted to the question paper

    During the last week, I have submitted some question paper of M.P. board annual examination 2018. After approval, the points deducted from 5 to 3 in all the cases. I request editors to please provide at least five points for the question paper as it needs a lot of time. To take images and to make pdf on computer needs time. When we write summary it is almost equal to the forum response of two points. So, it is humble request to allot at least five points for the question paper. The links of my question papers are:
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    Hakimuddin, while your efforts are appreciated, there must be some reason as to why the points allocated were reduced. Though efforts and time put in by the members are factors that are considered while reviewing a post, it is needless to say that the quality of the content will always be given the priority. Nevertheless, keeping in mind the possibility of an oversight, the point is being put up to the panel concerned for clarification if any. It may please be noted that such requests for enhancement in cc or points may not be entertained as a matter of routine.
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    Thanks, Saji sir for your immediate response. I can understand no problem, it is an only a humble request.
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    We found same set of contents as description in all the question paper posts made by you such question paper posts will get lesser points and cc.

    Put little more effort to provide description differently between the question paper posts it may be considered for little higher cc for such posts.

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    Thank you very much, sir. I will do so. I will try to give a different description. Can I provide the description in the form of a passage?
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    Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala,

    Let me explain: 5 points is the default points given as per the automated system, this being reduced to maximum 3 after review. However, we will look into the suggestion of increasing this max. limit.

    It is not the descriptive content in the box 'Question Paper Content' but the text in the 'Summary' box which is same in all your posts. Please vary them. Some examples:
    (i) B.Com. students of (name university) can benefit from the (year) 5th Semester question paper of Cost Accounting uploaded here. Make use of this original question paper for getting an idea regarding questions asked in the B.Com. fifth semester, cost accounting exam.
    (ii) Want to know if tough questions are asked in the B.Com Sixth Semester exam of Export Marketing paper of (name university)? Find out for yourself how easy or tough the questions are from this page. The original exam paper of (name university)'s B.Com Sixth Semester, Export Marketing of (year) has been uploaded here.
    (iii) Studying for the sixth semester B.Com. exam of (name university)? One of the papers for this exam is of Human Resource Management. This page provides the original paper of (name university)'s B.Com. HR management exam for your quick reference.

    In the descriptive text box, you have given details. That is fine. You could, though, also add something like this:
    University: (name of university)

    Paper name: (subject, such as HR Management)

    Year of exam: (semester, month, year)

    Attachments:- JPG files of 3 pages of (subject) question paper.

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