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    Abujhmad: Even today civil administration is barest minimum

    I first read about this region in my favourite author Buddhadeb Guha's book way back in 1980s. I learnt about the nature's abundance in his book. He described Abujhmad's nature and its people in his own incomparable style. At that time, Abujhmad was in Madhya Pradesh.

    After a long long time, I read about Abujhmad only day before yesterday. This beautiful place is in South Chattisgarh. The place is still breathtakingly beautiful. The simple residents don't know what is civil administration. The people don't have barest minimum civic facility in this place. Only one doctor visits the primary health centre at Orcha (Block Headquarter) on every Wednesday. Every Wednesday, entire Abujhmar gets a festive look. People walk for two days to reach Orcha for the weekly market ('haat').

    The word 'Abujh' means a person who doesn't want to understand. 'Mad' means hill in the local dialect. The 'abujh' people don't understand what is civic facility. They are very happy in their simple but beautiful world.

    But the destructive Maoists are nowadays very active in this region. They are engaged in various types of anti-social activities in the name of 'class struggle'. I request the State Government to check the activites of these Maoists by taking ruthless action against them. The Government must initiate eco-friendly, sustainable development work for the beautiful people of beautiful Abujhmad.
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    A very good post giving information about Abujhmad. I had been to Jagadalpur many times and I covered almost all Chattisgarh. But I never know about this place. The Naxals are very active in this state and there are places where we can't travel in the nights. The Andhra, Chhattisgarh border is also the very affected area. So very rarely people try to go to these places. If the state government can take initiative and try to control these people the state will go fast on the development track. I will try to have look at this place during my next visit to Jagadalpur.
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    Is Abujhmad different from the Abjumarh? Good to hear that people are simple and happy. Is it because we cannot establish civil administration due to insurgents.Hope the Government can help the people and get them the basic amenities and perks, that are given to other remote, hilly regions/areas in states. In doing so, the Government can also preserve the natural beauty and the region like any forest/ indigenous tribe region.

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    Abujhmad and Abujhmarh are same. It is spelt differently by different people.
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