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    I knew it was just matter of time to put my sports shoes on

    Since my childhood till my youth, I was a sports person physically fit to do any action on the field. Time spent and I landed in metro city, got job and got busy with daily routine. While doing so, all my interest towards sports activity got lost because of getting busy in family and at work. Time table also got change where waking up in the morning become a Hercules task for me. I put on weight and tummy came out. Yet, I was doing all my daily work without much care.

    It was when I started having back and neck pain sitting long time at my desk, it was when I felt my feet were not reacting faster while stepping on stairs, and it was when I started feeling lazy. I knew, the time has come to put my sports shoes on.

    I changed my time table, woke up in the early morning and stepped out and put my sports shoes on after 21 long years. Luckily I found a place near by my house surrounded by small hills where I could start my physical exercise. The first day was horrible, I could not even bend my waist, however I continued doing it everyday. After 3-4 days, my body started reacting positively and able to do some harder exercises.

    Now after a weak, I am feeling so well and fit, my feet started moving faster without any strain and the back and neck pain got vanished. The laziness gone miles away and I started feeling better and better.

    Now I have set a target to achieve what I was able to do. I know I can do it and will let you know too.

    The intention to post this thread is that we should understand the sign when our body send it to us in different way. We may feel lazy or make excuse for time, but all can happen only you have to start doing it. So, do not let your precious body get damaged before time due to your negligence.
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    Thank God, you realised the importance of physical fitness by doing physical exercises daily as a routine. Better late than never. All the best Jeet Singh.

    @ Certainly, a sports shoe is not necessary for the purpose. The best is to exercise with a bare foot. Running is not necessary, just jogging at home will do, to be fit enough.

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    Very good suggestion from the author with his own experience. It is true these days physical works are getting reduced and desk work is increasing. So People are become lazy and putting up weights. Even housewives also are not having that much exercise as they were having earlier days. So it is becoming a must to have a separate time for exercises. I also neglected that part for many days. As soon as I sensed that my weight is increasing, I started treadmilling for 30 minutes every day morning and 20 minutes yoga. From the last 5 months, I am doing this without any discontinuity. I find a lot of difference. I reduced my weight by almost 10 Kgs and I have become active and able to walk fast and able to step the stairs without any problem and I am feeling much comfortable. So as advised by the author, it is better to be careful about the body condition and see that it will be in control and should be careful about the weight and movements.
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    You are correct, a sports shoes is not require for exercise and it can be done bare foot too. However, it depend on person to person also the place. If you are in a play ground where you can find full of grass, the bare foot is the best option so that you can have the morning dew affect. But, if you are jogging in concrete (mostly in metro cities) it is always advisable to use proper shoes. The reason because your feet has direct affect on your head.

    The another reason is I have tried many a time to do exercise at home but somehow I was never succeeded, the atmosphere I never could get though I have enough place at home. I am used to do exercise in open place and with having morning fresh air touching my body. So, this is the best option for me to do freely my stretching work.

    Dr. Rao, thanks for sharing your own personal experience. Indeed, it create huge differences.

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    A good narration about how inactivity set in and makes us pay for it. It's just the mindset and the first step that matters. All of us know about healthy diet, habits and the benefits of exercise, yet we ignore it for lack of time and other exercises.
    It's partly due to lack of effort and a lazy attitude. But once you start taking the first step to join a gym or step out of the home and jog or run in the nearby park or start yoga etc, we get used to it. In fact, we look forward to it after some time.

    A note of caution would be not to overdo things at the beginning and suffer more damage that would make us stop our physical exercise. Running hard on the treadmill or the streets would not be good for all especially those with previous minor joint injuries or joint pains. Instead, an elliptical cross trainer would be a better option apart from swimming.

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