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    Which means of news is better?

    Today when reading the newspaper and I read much news in precise with all necessary information. But the same news is will be telecasted in media with repeat video and lack of information. So I find that newspaper or cell phone news updates are better than television news which prolong's the whole day with nonsense arguments. Let me know members views regarding this matter.
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    It is 100% correct. There is no point in wasting our time by watching the news on various 24X7 news channels. They go on showing the same news number of times. They arrange unwanted discussions with some people on useless topics. What he is talking the speaker don't know and what he is asking the anchor don't know.
    Coming to newspapers these days many newspapers are there. Many of them will have the affiliation of one or the other political parties and they highlight the news belonging to that party. They never write correct news and they write all negative news only about the other parties. Such papers are not good. In Telugu there are two newspapers, one is Namaste Telangana which is the TRS paper and Skashi is the paper of YSRCongree. These two papers will always highlight the news of their party leaders only and try to popularise rumours about opposition parties or ruling party as the case may be. In Telugu, Eenadu is a reliable newspaper and in English, I prefer The Hindu for news.

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    When we go to a restaurant, our first priority is to chose the recipe which we like the most.

    So same is the case here. News being served is something which is appealing to most of the audiences. If those were the "nonsense arguments" then there wouldn't have so much breaks having commercial ads.

    I object to this language as these might not be of your interest but for sure others will enjoy.

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    There would be always vast difference between news shown in video and news in printed format. The news papers always follow the principle of new reporting such as where, what, when, how and why ? Whereas the news videos shown on television does not have the detailed narration and instead the bytes given by the characters matter over there. So we have to understand through the bytes of the persons being shown there. And every news channel follow their own reporting pattern and some times the news are twisted to suit their reporting guide lines. So news papers news have wide reporting that includes comparing the news with the old statistics etc which is not shown in the electronic media. In TV news there would be selective reporting. For example when Jayalaithaa was being defeated in the hands of DMK candidate, the Jaya tv announced that Jaya was trailing and not lost.
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    Most of us read newspapers and watch televisions also. These two media are different and have their own format and style of presentations.

    Nowadays, the news channels broadcast programs 24/7. Since such channels are news channels i.e. the channels dedicated for broadcasting news only, they have devised related formats like group discussions etc. by inviting subject experts and official spokespersons of political parties.

    Like newspapers, the television channels are also owned by individuals having a certain political ideology. Therefore, there is nothing surprising if different channels broadcast the same news with certain twists to make them conform to their own leanings and ideologies.

    Watching television or reading newspapers is not mandatory. It is up to the individual concerned to choose the media to be interacted with or not watch/ read all. Since, all of them are commercial ventures, they are not likely to yield to an individual's choice and preference.

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    Yes definitely it's up to the individual concerned but TV news just pulls for their TRP. But at the no such drastic news is covered. But whereas in the paper we can read in summary format and move to other news.
    But nice to read a various response from members. Still awaiting other members for their review

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    In simple words, I would say that reading the newspapers help us to improve our English reading and writing skills apart from the news. While watching TV news, we look at the news reader than the news, especially if the reader is a girl or a woman looking beautiful. Moreover, the Television channels repeat the news which is a boring nuisance.
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    Privatisation and unregulated licensing have led to the slow death of Quality and honest in the fourth estate, the news media.

    If you remember the good old days of English/Hindi news with Gitanjali Iyer, P.Roy etc, they were dignified, graced the screen with their quality delivery. At the same time, the reports were accurate.

    Sadly, today it's become flashy, gaudy with multiple flash news and loud anchors repeating the same breaking news like a parrot without any charm or appeal. The news also becomes a hot item for a few hours before the other get it.

    Some newspapers still have maintained the content quality. Barring the full page ads (a necessity to survive) a newspaper would appeal to most of us from the DD era.

    I think the present TV media would fall in there ratings and popularity leading to a merger or closing down of the smaller networks leaving a few good ones. Then we would have a chance of the TV news becoming better than the paper news.

    The only advantage of the breaking news in being aware quickly of a natural disaster, a calamity, a riot or an untoward event that may affect us or people known to us.

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    I prefer newspaper than news channels. And in my view instead of 24/7 news channels prefering the news that telecasts in night in normal channels like Etv is better. These news programswill cover all important news of that day. And they do not include unnecessary things as time frame is small.

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    News papers do not provide real time news. The news coverage are previous day. TV and mobile news apps provide real time news. They are not so time consuming. I prefer TV and mobile news apps.
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    I prefer news channels. The news is updated as it happens. The debates in the news channels help us to understand the different views from various angles. They help to gather information from various aspects and come to an opinion. The audio-visual effect is more effective than reading alone.
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    Yes, I agree with the author and it is 100 percent correct. Newspaper or online news app for mobile phones are far better than the TV News channels. They only repeat the same news many times in a day unless they find new breaking news. In the newspaper and other news apps, we can find the news of our interest and can read them. And also we cannot believe on the TV News channel. They are partial and influenced by political parties. These things do not happen in the newspapers or mobile apps.
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    Good reviews by the authors. I think most of us like the newspaper, mobile than TV news. I do agree with some author's who view TV news in a different angle. That might also be possible .

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