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    Doing things useful to others without expectation

    Nature gives us many things without any expectation from us but we keep them for our own possession without offering others even though we are not using.
    In many houses I am seeing flower plants they keep in the compound side of their house where flowers flourish in a rich manner. But the house people do not use them for their own use but not allowing others who are really using even on request.
    In many houses there are trees with fruits where the boys after school or nearby residents playfully throw stones to pick them up for eating. This we are seeing since decades and people owning or residing in such houses are shouting at the boys in order to protect their glass panes of windows or doors. But I saw in one house of our area the house people themselves offer the fruits to the boys returning from school with patience during the season.
    In Tamil there is a saying as 'naai petra thengampazham' which denotes the nature of some persons who are not giving others as well not using themselves as a dog which got a coconut will not give to even other dog but that one also unable to eat the coconut but bark the other dogs or others trying to fetch from it.
    People should make up their mind to share the nature's gift to others if they do not use for themselves.
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    in our area in Hyderabad people will start from their house early morning with a small container in their hand and go on plucking the flowers of the trees near other houses. They will even pluck the flowers of the trees inside the compound whose branches are extended to the compound wall. they will try to pull the branches and pluck the flowers. In that pursuit, they will be breaking the branches also it has become a practice for many. If we want flowers for our use we have to get up early and pluck the flowers before somebody comes and take away the flowers.
    We distribute to the neighbours the vegetables that are grown in our compound and similarly fruits and flowers also we offer to our neighbours and other relatives who are staying near our place. It is a pleasure in distributing vegetables and fruits from our own trees in our compound to others.

    always confident

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    If we began to believe that,

    "We get what we deserve",


    "As you sow so shall you reap",

    Would even be good enough in order for us to be useful to others & can do wonders to the society as a whole which we are a part of. But these remains on books or till we are listening to the spiritual lectures then goes missing.

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    The time has changed. People don't have time even to talk to their next door neighbours without any reason or expectation. There is more possibility of people looking with suspicion and refusing to accept anything offered to them without their asking. But in smaller cities and towns, the practice of sharing between neighbours and relatives and offering help etc. is still continuing.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes, as kailash kumar sur said people in villages and small towns share vegetables, flowers and also food made in their home. But in cities no one bother about others. Everyone were busy with their own lives.

    But everyone should make an habbit of givings things to others which we do not use. Atleast others will make use of them instead of making it waste.


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    Man since ancient times has been a hoarder of things. He started with hoarding food, then animals, riches, wealth, etc. So, it's not a surprise that humans want to keep things for themselves.There are kind people who share their food, wealth with others, it is their mindset and we can't expect all to follow.

    Some people are against plucking flowers and allow them to die in the tree or bush. This may be a personal choice, to collect seeds or to allow fruits to form. Apricots, pears, pomegranates, etc are trees wherein the flower turns to fruit.

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    In cities people rarely have time to plant trees or sapling and get benefited through them. Those who have independent house and has the niche for rearing plants, they would have the eagerness to have flowers and fruits in their own trees and seldom they share with the neighbours. Normally mango trees are reared inside the compound of the house, thinking that the mangoes once grown would be enjoyed fully, But the tree branches out in such a way that most of the mangoes are easily taken away by the neighbours as it is reachable to them so easily and also out side the compound of the house where in passerby would have the hand over it. And the owner cannot guard the tree for 24 hours and prevent the fruits from being stolen. So one must give some fruits to others to prevent such thefts.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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