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    Correction in basic documents should have been done immediately

    Many documents are not alike in present date and people also do not care about them but worrying much when the same is in usage. If the same is not getting corrected in time the 'running to pillar and post' makes one more tension.
    One can correct the name of father/mother/sopuse in aadhaar card by taking the correct document in person to any e center or aadhaar center in nearby area. For anything we have to be with utmost care in verifying the documents as soon as we received the same and if any discrepancy there should not be any delay in correcting them immediately especially name,father's/mother's /spouse's name and date of birth. In many aadhaar cards the date of birth has been mentioned with year only and the same should be get corrected immediately by approaching the ecenter or aadhaar center with correct documents.
    While giving the names people erroneously gives the names calling in the house and date of birth as per horoscope but not the certificate name and date of birth. Such situations are immediately get corrected once noticed.
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    It is correct. If there is any mistake in our Xthe certificate we should take the corrective action before we finish our intermediate and submit to the college for any necessary correction. But many people these days think about that correction only when they have to go for a document verification for joining a job. Sometimes it will create many problems. Sometimes we may even lose the chance of joining in a job in which we have got selected. When we fill the forms for jobs or education also we should be careful in filling up. Otherwise, they may get rejected.
    In my elder son's Xth certificate there was space in between the surname. We have seen this the day we have received and before getting admitted to intermediate we got is corrected by applying through the school where he studied. Like that everyone should take corrective step immediately. Please remember the proverb. A stitch in time saves nine.

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    This needs an immediate attention for all commercial documents as well, which if doesn't get completed or corrected then penalty can be levied. Personal documents like the information as given in the PAN Card or the Aadhar Card or the driving license, in absence of which we can be avoid of the various government schemes.

    During the initial stage of Aadhar Card, the information in context to Name & Date Of Birth were not matching with the PAN Card. I applied for the same online & got that corrected.

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    Yes the author has rightly pointed out that we must correct the basic details in documents immediately on noticing the errors, otherwise it would be cumbersome time consuming activity in future to correct the same. When Aadhaar cards were issued for the first time, people were casual and not taken it that seriously. When Modi government made it compulsory for all transactions and requirements, people felt their mistake and now they are queuing up at Aadhaar correction centres and even wasting their working days. And in this regard I wish request the UDAI to open up the Aadhaar portal details for the general public and let them make all the corrections and only access through their registered mobile can be allowed and thus the government can ensure total updates of each Individual through their mobile itself.
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    In the past, the matriculation or 10th standard certificate used to be the first important document created in the name of an individual which used to be considered as a basis for vital data like the date of birth and name etc. in future. However, nowadays Aadhar Card is created much earlier and foundation of future data is laid at that stage only.

    It is the responsibility of the parents to first of all finalise the spelling of the name of the child as many names can be written by spelling them in more than one ways. Subsequently only same spelling of first name, middle name and last name etc. should be used in all document. The same applies in the case of names of father and mother also.

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    The importance of this thread can be easily understood if we just visit the ask the expert section of ISC. There are so many queries related to what all is mentioned in the thread.

    With respect to data entry, when we through in a mixture of humans and computers such events will keep happening. The way to reduce such errors would be step taken right from the person filling in the card, various people in the offices that are involved in data entry, verification and printing.

    Once we recevive we need to alway check and correct the errors as soon as we can. We often allow things to leave as it is because such errors were never an issue before. But now there errors would mean a delay, a missed chance, a lost reservation quota or a lost job and valuable time. Hence, it is prudent that we check all the relavent important documents and rectify these mistakes.

    Philately fans are just discussing on typo errors in stamps. India post released a Rs:5 stamp on Auroville on the Golden jubilee celebration. If you google and see, the word 'Jubilee' is wrongly printed as 'Jubliee'. Imagine the embarrassment, a huge number of stamps that would have been printed and this error has passed through all the check, proof reading etc.

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