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    Trekking and similar activities to be done with utmost care and caution.

    It is pity and made weighted hearts in many people to hear the death and injury of male and female youngsters who went trekking and caught in the fire of Kurangani forests of Tamilnadu on 8th March. The day was observed as International womens' day but for them a notified day for the injured and the parents of died ones.
    Having interest in such games with danger inside is common in youngsters but the proper observations should be made before taking them. Mere criticizing the authorities and governments for not giving proper protections are not good as keeping mistakes from our side. The lives of such died girls and boys will not be obtained back on any cost. A great loss to the parents of such girls and boys. The boys and girls should take proper protective steps to unexpected events in such activities.
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    Recently there was a post on the same topic by Mohan. The URL of that post was given below for your ready reference. I think this post might have been a response to that thread. I think the Editor may take the decision of closing this post.

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    The total deaths related to the trekking tragedy in Theni forest fire has risen to 16. The Chennai trekking club that organized it had not sought permission from the forest department and the route were unauthorized. The trekking club has stated that everything was in order, the fire was started by farmers that spread out of control. The outcome of the investigations will reveal whether there were any lapses in safety or emergency rescue plans.

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