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    If your boss asks you to teach all the works to a new entrant, will you feel insecure about your job

    In private companies the manager or the MD would ensure that the work should not get hampered if a employee goes on leave, or wont attend the office for unforeseen circumstances for the day and before hand he would ask the other immediate employee or the new entrant to get trained and know all the jobs of the most of the departments so that work should go on smoothly. If you are advised to train a new entrant about your full job responsibility, will you oblige and cooperate fully or would have the fear complex feeling insecure about the job ?
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    The situation mentioned by the author of the thread cannot be generalised as such. It may vary on case to case basis and includes the possible scenaio described in the thread.

    Often, the management asks an experienced employee to impart training to newly joined employees. It may also be the case that the management may be planning to promote the employee concerned to transfer him/her to a different division and prior to that ask the employee to train other persons to take over the job.

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    There should not be such fear for a senior employee. As a senior employee we should feel happy to train our juniors and once he takes your works you can go for a much better work or for a higher position. Sitting in the same position and doing the same job for years together will not give much job satisfaction. so we should think that it is a positive move for us. Another issue is for an MD it is his own company but for an employee, there are many such organisations where chances exist for talented people. In this connection, I remember the words of our great EX president of India, Dr, APJ Abdul Kalam. He said in some context that love your job but not the company. So a good employee should have such fears at any time and he should take it positively that it is good for him for his career growth. If really the management is not happy with an employee they will never hesitate to ask him to quit.
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    In case of Government offices, the situation is different. As the in-charge of Administration division, it is expected that I would train and mentor my subordinate staff, especially the new entrants in Government service. However, the officers are supposed to take decisions, and this ability develops with time, experience and a proper mental set-up, which can't be explained very easily.
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    It depends on the nature of job and sector involved. It is common practice in many firms for employees to cross-cover each other during leave or emergencies. At such times, usually there would be no teaching or grooming of new entrants is done. Thing move at a status quo/intervention as appropriate basis.

    When a senior employee is asked to train a new entrant, it is often like shadowing or stepping in the shoes at similar level. The senior person would be moving on, transferred, promoted or going on a sabbatical etc. At such times, in good professional conduct, the senior has to impart what is needed for the new person to take on the role in parallel or as a replacement.

    With regards to being insecure, My view is that, in the current work environment, nobody's job is safe, if one think's that he or she is irreplaceable, then it would often a mistake. No one has a unique set of skills that is not reproducible, there are always similar candidate is available.

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    It's a bit complicated scenario.

    But for sure that I will be feeling a bit down but that remains from the time we are in job till the time that we gets retired.

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    Though the human mind irritates as you have told in that situation, it is just good for us also in one way. It is highly helpful to us in completing the work with him/her or through him/her, the task of the management is obtained. Also it is helpful to us as we can be free from worry or puzzling when we need leave for a day. But the boss's inner view is on the other side, the situation of ours is sleepless one.

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