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    Do you think Passing budget bill in Parliament using Guillotine vote is appropriate ?

    Union Budget 2018 was passed without any discussion in Loksabha on March 14. Mr.Jaitley moved Finance Bill which include Taxation proposals of the budget, the Appropriation Bill with details of spending of each department by Guillotine vote. The budget session lasts till April 6th before that only the government completed the process of passing the bill without any detailed discussion of each department. The reason for this is various political parties disrupting the proceedings because of serious issues related to their states. Is it appropriate for the government to proceed with such short cut methods without any debate or it has to take initiative to cool down the parties to make them involve in the proceedings?
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    I feel when other parties are creating problem for proceedings of the parliament, the government might have done it as there is no other way is available. But as time is there till5th of April the government might have taken the other issues and try to passionate the agitating people. But the government is also trying to be strong and don't want to concede the demands of other parties. As such they have taken such decisions I feel.
    The Andhra Pradesh MPs,The Telangana MPs and some other MPs are protesting the attitude of the central government in solving the preoblems of their states. Both states and central government are sticking to their points.

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    The budget proposal is for the next financial year which commences from 1st April. Earlier budget proposal used to be tabled on last working day of February and used to be passed by the middle of March. After passing of the Finance Bill, Ministry of Finance issues Notifications and thereafter financial activities start from 1st April.

    This year, for detailed debate and discussion, the budget was tabled on 1st February instead of last working day of February. But the opposition parties are not interested in the discussion on the budget. They are hell bent upon disrupting the Budget Session of the Parliament. So, no discussion is taking place in Parliament. As a result, no voting on Budget proposal will be held.

    So, there is no other alternative except passage of Finance Bill through guillotine (guillotine is not a vote; on the contrary, it signifies that there is no vote on a bill). After all, the Notifications will have to be issued and published during the last ten days of March and the new financial year will start from 1st April, 2018.

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    In Democracy , the Parliament is the only place where in the opposition would create a ruckus and try to highlight their problems through walk outs, placards displays and shouting by coming to the well of the house. And unfortunately all the proceedings are live telecast and the government is having huge expenditure on that. Bur when ruling party has its own majority, they have the compulsions to pass some urgent bills like the budget proposals so that the implementation by different departments has to be advised and carried out by 1st of next month. So on the part of opposition they should also understand this and behave sensibly. But who will teach the opposition to mind their own business ? So the government has no other option to exercise the Guillotine vote and pass the financial bills. At least the ruling party members should have raised some issues on the budget before being passed.
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    Lok Sabha has a schedule. it has many bills to discuss and pass. Budget discussion time is 26 days. After this period Guillotine is applied and the budget is passed. The allocation of grants started to give the money to the various dept. Applying guillotine is a regular process and it is applied every year. Opposition will simply west the time and there is no use of discussion. Budget is a money Bill and the ruling party has the privilege to consider or not to consider and point of members. I think govt. has done right
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    I don't support this, but the members do not have a choice due to non-availability of time. Unfortunately, the Politicians in the guise of highlighting their problems keep disrupting the house.Just this morning I read that, 'Loksabha washed out for the 10th day'. The speaker has to keep track of the time, the fixed allocation for each department/ministry.

    1.As far s I understand, the Speaker can be apply guillotine only after the stipulated time is over, irrespective of whether the demands are discussed or not.
    2.Once announced, anyone in possession of the floor of the house sits down and then all the pending ones are instantly put on a vote.

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    When the opposition parties bent upon creating the ruckus , the ruling party does not have any other option but to used the special power to get the bills passed.
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    As of now this has well suited the ruling side as well as opposition. Both have enough points to justify themselves and blame the other. The citizen and voters are remaining April fools for ever.

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    The fundamental duty of the government is to see that the Parliament runs smoothly and discuss all the matters in a meaningful manner. The government did not try to do so in any manner. There is no hurry and still, time was there. The action of the government is not appropriate. One major amendment the government got through is the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act. The amendment is applied with retrospective effect from 1976. This will benefit the BJP and the Congress party for receiving the illegal foreign funds. This clearly indicates how far the BJP is for eradicating corruption. They have to start from their doorstep to stop corruption but they are not doing so.

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    Is this thread discussing passing of Finance Bill containing the Budget proposal or the FCRA? Am I confused or some other Member(s) is/are confused?
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    The Foreign Contribution Regulation Act is also a part of the finance bill. The amendment was done solely for the purpose of saving itself from the Delhi High Court judgment which held both the BJP and the Congress were held guilty of receiving illegal donations from Vedanta during 2004 to 2012. No confusion about it.
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