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    Which one is most challenging : Riding on the camel back or the horse ?

    During my life I had the chance to ride the horse in the Mussorie hill station when I was in twenties and that was challenging experience as never before I have taken a horse ride. I did travel by Tonga in Hyderabad but sitting on the horse back was for the first time. Even though the horse was manned by its owner, the fear factor was very much there. Likewise, in our colony the camels used to come prior to Bakrid festivities and we have the ride over it for few distance. But the height of the camel being more, we have the fear of being fallen down due to imbalance. What is your experience in life on the subject ?
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    A horse remains standing when a person rides on it. But in case of a camel, a person can ride on it only when it is sitting. When the camel gets up, the posture becomes awkward. First, the two hind legs get up. As a result, the camel-rider moves forward. Then suddenly, the front-legs get up. Then again the rider goes backward. For the first-timers, the experience is terrible.

    The movement of a camel is also not uniform like the movement of a horse. That causes another discomfiture to the rider.

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    I had an opportunity to ride on camel back at Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. I think Jaisalmer is the only district in India where tourists get a chance to see sand dunes few kilometers away from the main city. I had visited the place with family in the year 1998 or so.

    It is definitely more challenging to ride on camel back. We have to climb the seat fastened on the back of camel in its sitting posture after which it stands up. For the first timers like me it was sort of scary at the time of its rising from sitting position to standing position. Even during its walking, the experience was not totally comfortable and smooth.

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    I have ride both camel and horse. In my opinion, it is more challenging to ride on a camel. To ride a horse in simple than to ride on a camel.
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    I have both the experiences once so far. I felt more convenient with horse ride more than camel ride. I experienced the horse riding in our village during a village function. I experienced camel ride at Jaisalmer in Rajasthan during my visit there two years back. It is a difficult affair to manage a camel ride than a horse ride.
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    Having tried both, I'm glad that the animals were moving at a slow walk rather than a fast trot. It is the unpleasant experience of not being on our feet while we are awkwardly swaying trying to hold tight to the seat. The Camel is more challenging for the reasons Mr.Partha has well quoted.

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    If we sit between two humps of the camel, that would be the perfect seating for us. But that kind of camels are rarely seen in the city for a pleasure ride ?
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    Neither I had a camel ride nor a horse ride, but I had an elephant ride in my life. It is easy to get a horse to ride, but never a camel to ride in Tamilnadu. We can have elephant rides on temple elephants. Horse riding should be enjoyable provided you are seated well on the horseback..
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    Depends as for few even riding even bicycle is dangerous.

    In the present context, the physic & the movement of both the animals are different. Wherein the horse is fast & energetic as well as having power but having these for camel can't be expected. But on the other side camel has got the height which few may find uncomfortable.

    Whatsoever for anything new one needs a consultant & a proper trainer or else one may hurt himself badly.

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    Mr. Anand: Camel can also run very fast (but can't be compared with horse). BSF regularly uses camel in Rajasthan desert and Kutch border to arrest Pakistani smugglers using fast-moving camels.
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    Mr.SuN. some of my friends has spoken about a model Rajasthani village (chokhi dhani) in Chennai, TamilNadu as a tourist attraction. Here they offer Camel rides. I have not been there. Any members in Chennai can update us.

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