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    Which term is more apt for Mahatma Gandhiji-Saint or Politician or Social Activist?

    Mahatma Gandhi played an important role in Independent National movement. He sacrificed his life for achieving independence for India. He associated with Indian National Congress, he worked as a social reformer, he excelled as writer, lead many social movements. People may see him in different roles in different situations of his life like saint, politician, social activist, social reformer, writer etc. Of these which of these roles you consider more apt to praise Gandhiji-Saint. Why do you think so?
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    He was not a saint, because he was married and had his wards.
    He was not a politician as he did not hold any political post.
    He was not a social activist or social reformer, as he did not reform anything.
    He was not a writer as he wrote only one big book .

    I would say that he was the elderly man in a family called India in which he was the Father. He cared his family to live freely. He is a Father.

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    In my opinion, Mahatma Gandhiji was a Saint. He worked for the upliftment of poor as well as for the society. The life of most of the people was worst than the life of animals. Gandhi worked for them and gave them a new name Harijan. He was strongly believed that unity of Hindu and Muslim are necessary for the independence of India. He was a social reformer. So, we cannot praise Mahatma Gandhiji in one word. All the title are appropriate for him. Non-violence, truth and Satyagraha were his weapons and a saint can use these types of weapons, not a normal person. So a saint is appropriate title for him.
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    It is said that the title 'Mahatma' was given to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi by none other than Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. Literally, it means a great soul and Mahatma Gandhi was a great soul indeed. He was a personality which was a combination of each of the terms - saint, politician, social activist, social reformer, writer etc. , used by the author and much more.

    A major contribution in evolution of Mahatma Gandhi's personality was made Britishers. He received excellent education and learned about contemporary thoughts and beliefs from Britishers while living in London. He learned from Britishers further while practicing law in South Africa. Not only that, the wrong policies of Britishers in India enabled him to rise above the masses.

    He was a creation of the time and circumstances of those days and his unfortunate assassination elevated his stature further. However, it is amply clear that he was not a politician. A politician, like Nehru, would have grabbed the position of the first Prime Minister of India.

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    Mahatma Gandhi is a combination of all the names that were mentioned by the author except Saint. A saint is generally is an unmarried person with no separate family for self. But Gandhi is a married man with children. So my opinion is he can't be called as a saint.
    He is an independent fighter in his own way for getting the things done without any violence or war. He had his own style of working. He tried everything for the betterment of the country in his own style which should be admired. He is the fatherly figure for every politician those times and that is why he was called Father of the Nation.
    He is also having the qualities of a politician. He wanted Pandit to be the first Prime Minister of independent India and for that, he has tried and even gone to the extent of dividing India into two countries and finally seen that Nehru is the first PM of India.

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    Few leaders in the world have a global multi-faceted perception among the general public. Further on few leaders practice what they preach. Gandhiji was one of those rear individuals who was both. What the author has listed are all the areas in which Gandhiji has left his mark. It would be unfair to put him one particular category.
    I would say, Mahatma Gandhiji was a freedom fighter who chose a different path to achieve his goals, stuck to it and even gave his life for it. A path for which the entire world, including the British Empire, acknowledged and respected him.
    If we look at the violence and bloodshed around in the current world, It is this unique path of Gandhiji, that the world needs now too.

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    For me Mahatma Gandhiji was the great reformer and crowd puller. Just imagine without cell phone and communications facilities in those days, he could able to garner popular support for his movements and the public participation was volunteer and not forcefully brought to the venues. That means he has the charm to attract the crowd and that baffled the Britishers. With simplicity in life and living, Gandhi has inspired many to leave their family and relations to join the National movement for the freedom. So instead of discussing who is, let us regard him and take pride that such a good heart person worked tirelessly for India and got us the well deserved freedom.
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    He is a complete Human being and a role model for the mankind. I always maintain to say, if I have to keep a photograph in my office room, I would keep only two - the one that of Mahatma and the other Mother Theresa.

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    Mahatma Gandhi was a great social activist having saint like characteristics and virtues.

    He was a great motivator and had influenced the masses to work in a desired direction. In some respect, he was even more successful in influencing the people with his ideology than that of the politicians.

    The most notable thing about Mahatma Gandhi is that he was not selfish and was not interested in ruling the country after it got independence from the Britishers.
    His life was a great example of self-control and good habits.

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    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a very popular politician of India active during 1915 to 1948. He did some 'experiments with truth' in South Africa, but his experiments failed in the Indian context. During the last part of his life, he took some controversial and questionable decisions, as a result of which Indian people had to suffer a lot.

    However, there is no doubt that as a politician, he enjoyed tremendous popularity and British administration was afraid of him due to his popularity.

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    Gandhiji is all the above and more. First and foremost he started as an activist. His achievements in South Africa and Champaran in India for the upliftment of the living conditions indicate this fact. He is a very good politician who knew how to bargain and get what he wanted. Today we are breathing in an independent country is because of such leaders as Gandhiji. Many people think that for a single person to change the course of a country is not possible. Gandhiji is a single person who thought differently and as a single person motivated millions of people and brought leaders of different views on to a single platform to achieve the freedom for India. This indicates the leadership quality in Gandhiji. I do not know whether he can be called as a Saint by some standards mentioned above. He preached the truth and nonviolence. He did not just preach, he practiced what he preached. The Saints also did the same. Rabindranath Tagore said"Mahatma Gandhi came and stood at the door of India's destitute millions... who else has so unreservedly accepted the vast masses of the Indian people as his flesh and blood…Truth awakened Truth." What else is more required to accept Gandhiji as a Saint?
    The world-renowned personalities acclaimed Gandhiji as a rare personality to have influenced them. They include Albert Einstein, George Bernard Shaw, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, Barak Obama and many more. When someone asked Bernard Shaw about his impression on Gandhiji, he said, "Impressions of Gandhi? You might well ask for someone's impression of the Himalayas."
    Unfortunately, there are people who still try to find faults with him. Gandhiji is also a human being and prone to error. Do we have anything worth mentioning by any of us to comment such a great personality?

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    Just now I have read somewhere else that we should not be ''bhakts'' of any person. I feel that there are some ''bhakts'' of Gandhi trying to put the controversial activities and dilly-dallying of Gandhi under this carpet. But can they put the miseries and terrible torture suffered by millions of Indians due to those decisions of Gandhi, under the carpet?

    Rabindranath Tagore called him ''Mahatma'', but he severely criticized Gandhi's concept of Tolstoy Farm and also Gandhi's attitude towards Netaji Subhash (although at that time Rabindranath was at the fag end of his life).

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    Categorically he neither relates to any of the above,

    He was a person having the rarest qualities of leading others to a big foundation. Otherwise he was ruled by his own philosophies & the way life wherein he carried out the things which he felt right & discontinue the actions which as per his ideologies wasn't good. He never had with the public opinion but at the same time had the quality of convincing & that's why he transformed a regional voices to the mas revolution. He also proven the weak person somewhat wherein the Britishers made him signed with the pact that lead to not releasing of but lead to the hanging of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru & Sukhdev.

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    #629984: It is a respect for the person. Raise a separate thread about the supposed controversial activities and dilly-dallying of Gandhiji where we can discuss them. Do not forget to mention what the comments of Rabindranath Tagore about the Tolstoy Farm and the attitude of Gandhiji towards Netaji.
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    So, let us talk sense. Many people like Rabindranath, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Einstein, etc. praised Mohandas Gandhi, so we must also praise him. Let us put him on the pedestal of a saint, worship him every morning and evening, and stop analysing his activities.
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    This thread is going in a different direction about the father of the nation, Can we please just lock the thread with the authors permission. For me, there is no point in casting apprehensions about a departed soul like Mahatma Gandhiji.

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    Mr. Natarajan: No Member has cast aspersions about a departed soul like Mohandas Gandhi. Analysing a person's activity does not mean casting aspersions.
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